Monday, August 27, 2007

Vacation is over

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. It took me almost a week until I felt like I had before I got sick. This last week I've really been bugged by my sloooow recovery. Also that at times I'd feel pain when I moved certain ways still and my stamina was sorely lacking. I usually jump right back into things once I'm discharged from the hospital. So taking 4wks to recover seemed WAY too long. Although I should've known better since it took me about this long to feel well after my gallbladder surgery. I'm happy to say though that week has been a good week. I still can't do too much but that's because I've got Sean glued to me, not because I'm in pain or have no energy.

Tom did end up taking the kids camping during the first week of his vacation. It was too cold and rainy for Sean so I opted to stay home. Liz had to back out of going at the last second so I offered to keep Danielle. (Liz would've been Tom's major helper with her) I got a glimpse of what life once school is back in session will be like since I was alone with Sean and Danielle quite a few days. Oh my goodness!!! I missed my big kids. I've gotten so spoiled that I'm a wuss now. lol I'm happy to report that EVERYONE survived.

Sean is growing like a big fat weed. The kids seems to aquire rolls overnight! At his 1wk checkup he weighed 8lbs. At his 3wk checkup he weighed 10lbs (same as Luke when he was born lol) I'm sure he weighs even more now that he's almost 5wks old. Here's a picture my mom took when he was 23 days old. (will try to get a newer picture when Liz gets home tomorrow)

He's a very alert baby that likes to be held by mom a lot. :o) Nursing is his favorite activity. He does really well at night though. The last few nights he's only woken up ONCE although his morning starts before 6am. He seems to have had a twinkle in his eye for at least a week now. We're starting to get glimpses of an almost smile. I even got an adorable crinkled up nose face yesterday.

Tom's second week of vacation ended up being hot and humid. It sent us to the beach in the evenings 2 days this week. Sean isn't beach friendly at this time I wasn't a happy camper. It ended on both an emotional high and a low.

The high was Danielle's 2nd birthday which she THOROUGHLY enjoyed. She blew her candles out like a pro. When I asked if she wanted to do it again she say 'Es. I relit the candles thinking she would blow them right back out. She had other ideas and sat back down into her seat, expecting everyone to sing Happy Birthday to her again. THEN she blew out the candles. She loved her new Zapf babydoll and I'm reminded why you don't leave a newborn alone with a 2yo. lol That poor doll!

The low happened yesterday morning after dropping Michelle off at work. (yes, she now has a job) On the way home I pulled in front of a Tacoma pickup while attempting to turn left at a T intersection. (I was facing the top of the T....truck was coming from the left of the top) I looked left, waited until an SUV passed infront of me, looked right to see if it was clear and never looked left again. I didn't see the truck until it had smashed into me. I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID IT! I've always thought people that that happens to have to be morons to not see a huge vehicle bearing down on them. Now I'm one of them. Here's a not so great picture of the damage...

So now our 1mo new to us Volvo that I told you about here has a VERY smashed up front end. Sean and I were in the car and we're both fine. I was a bit sore last night and will probably end up with bruises on my shoulder, neck and jaw from the seatbelt. I don't think Sean moved at all. :o) I'm SO thankful I wasn't lazy in buckling him into the car like I was tempted to be. (had second thoughts about having to climb IN the car so I could reach the middle seatbelt. Also about climbing on his seat to make sure it was secured into the belt tightly)

I shocked myself and fell apart at the scene. I'm usually the one that stays composed during these types of things. Mostly I was mad at myself for being so careless. Then I thought of all the ramifications of accident like...losing out on the $1500+ we just spent to buy, register and tune-up the car, Drew not being able to start his new job this week (he was going to borrow the car until his Saturn was fixed), I was issued a ticket and now will have points on my license which means higher insurance for a few years, and higher insurance premiums based on an accident alone. I was a basketcase all day and I think I scared the kids just a bit. They aren't used to seeing their mom randomly break into hysterics. They've been walking on eggshells around me since I got home yesterday.

Jake keeps saying...mommy's scared! I told him no, I'm mad. Then on the way to taking Michelle to work t his morning I broke down as we got closer to the dreaded corner. So maybe there's a little bit of truth to what he's claiming. It's been a vicious circle. I start crying, get mad at myself for falling apart, then get embarrassed because I fell apart and start crying even more. This afternoon I've been fine. I guess the final test will be in an hour when I go to pick Michelle up from work again.

Michelle and Pat start back to college on Wed. Unfortunately they can't coordinate rides to ease my driving time. Pat will have to head to work after classes and can't wait around for Michelle and vice versa. I'm just glad Pat decided to go back to school NOW instead of "next semester" like he'd planned on a few weeks ago.

The other school kids start back to school in 9 days (on the 5th). I'm dreading it with all my heart! Especially since Jake has the 5th grade teacher from hell. The one teacher who's managed to make EVERY kid I know that's had her HATE school/5th grade. Including socially minded Val and academically minded Liz. How can you turn off 2 kids who enjoyed school for 2 totally different reasons? I a lousy teacher! I've already put Tom on notice that I will pull and homeschool Jake if I think he's being negatively affected. Who knows...maybe they'll love each other...stranger things have happened. We have quite a bit of school shopping to do. Everyone is still wearing last years sneakers and they are falling apart. At least I'm set on backpacks...I think. I also bought a ton of basic supplies before Sean was born. So we're not totally unprepared. The plan right now is to go out shopping tomorrow (Michelle's only day off this week). Hopefully we'll get everything we need in one trip (hey! a girl can dream!) to get some lunch. Then it'll be time to be brave and conquer the evil intersection. Voya con Dios!


thia said...

Very scary! I am glad that you and baby are okay!!! Please take it easy on yourself. We all do crazy things sometimes and you have the excuse of still being post partum! (That's good for at least 6 weeks!) My stupid car accident came b/c I didn't turn on the four wheel drive one day. One little flick of the wrist would have saved us soooo much! I ended up putting the front end of our jeep cherokee over, yes, over, the guardrail. Thankfully it was just the front and I didn't actually go over. This is after spinning across the road...

Paula said...

SO glad you and Sean are OK! Are you getting him a new seat now? You know how they say you are supposed to if the seat was in an accident, even if it wasn't damaged? Another expense!