Friday, February 08, 2008

I spoke too soon

Last post I mentioned "Nothing huge like the flu (yet) but there's always something going around to keep these guys feeling off." Well guess what....we have the flu going around. Olivia's been sick since Sunday, Eileen since Monday and Danielle since Tuesday. That's why I'm up at this horrendous hour...Danielle was having a fever induced tantrum. She wanted to be held, but not held. She wanted covers but not her princess covers. She wanted to lay down but not like that! The commotion woke up Sean who also started crying. Tom decided to let us have the bed and went out onto the couch. Danielle decided she wanted to be on the couch so Sean, Danielle and I kicked Tom off and sent him back to bed. After an hour of being juggled around Danielle eventually started snoring again and Sean nursed himself back to sleep. Yet here I sit...exhausted but unable to find the Land of Nod. It's going to be a loooong day tomorrow. Luckily I had already decided to keep Olivia and Eileen home from school this morning, even if they felt well. Why send them back for one day and let them get exhausted and exposed to something else. This way they'll have the weekend to recoup even more. (They're still complaining on and off that they don't feel good)

I'm hoping that Sean and I can avoid coming down with this. I have to call my sister and see how her girls are doing. Yes, her girls were here when Olivia came down sick on Sunday. I'd feel guilty except there is NO way I could know this was coming on. I may regret saying this but generally it's a fairly easy flu to be dealing with. Pretty much just high fevers, a headache along with a few muscle aches and a cough for some. (Danielle hasn't started that part yet). The sick ones spend most of the time on the couch or on my lap. It's also done the classic flu thing where they feel well for a day or two and then get hit with it all again.

Hopefully everyone will be done with this by the time midwinter break and our annual Island Week comes around. I'm not sure exactly which day we'll start but the break is from the 16th to the 24th. Tom's already making lists and planning the decorations. I have a few ideas for food in my head. Danielle and Tom were making a guest list. I guess the whole universe is going to be here according to them. lol

I probably should cut this short and climb onto the couch with the little ones. Val will be getting up for school shortly. (she gets up earliest so she can shower without a hassle) I'm thinking Luke and Jake may try to stay home today since they were complaining they didn't feel good last night already. Maybe I'll call Drew and see if he'll drive Michelle to work for me (needs to be there by 10am). With only an hour or two of sleep under my belt I'm not a safe candidate for the job.

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holly said...

Your life sounds so hectic right now. I feel for you. Hope everyone is well by now at least.