Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Relaxing before getting my running shoes on

I think this is the 3rd post I've started since my last entry. Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm. It's been a busy time here. Although the kids have had a relaxing time of it. They had Fri and Mon off for snow days so had a 4 day weekend. Me, not so relaxing since I've had to be out in the snow.

Foolishly on Fri I didn't have Michelle call into work. (had to be there at 10) It wasn't snowing here yet and I'd have felt like a fool if the weather guys were wrong. Besides it's not so easy for them to find someone to come in for her when the workers are all in school. So I figured I'd get her there and we'd work out the details of getting her home after we saw how the day went. My thinking was...worse came to worse...Tom could take a side trip with his 4 wheel drive county truck on the way home from work (she was out at 3:45...he gets out at 4).

Even though it wasn't snowing at home...it was snowing in the city that's south of us. By the time I got home it was snowing at our house too. It wasn't very long into her shift when I realized it was really going to be BAD. Luckily someone at work had had the same thought because they had her call home for a ride at 12:30. I told her I'd be there as soon as I could. It took me a little more then 45mins. (it's a 20 mile trip one way) I had to pull over twice to clean off my windshield wipers. It was worse on the way home. At one time Michelle had her head out the window trying to see a side road I could pull onto so we could clear the windshield. 2hrs after leaving home we pulled into the driveway. I thanked God and almost kissed the ground.

Monday morning saw lake effect hit us. We debated again on whether Michelle would call into work or not. (needed to be there at 11) Because it was lake effect it was clear in the city this time. (further south from the lake) Drew and Allison both called into work and turned around for home midtrip. However they decided they needed to finish up shopping so agreed to take Michelle to work. Tom and I went to pick her up together and try to get some last minute shopping done. We opted to leave Sean at home which probably wasn't such a great idea. As we were about to run through Walmart Tom's phone rang...Sean's been crying for a while...how long are you going to be? We really were quick...as quick as you can be in Walmart...there's just so much to look at! Unfortunately the drive home took almost an hour because the lake effect had picked up again. Poor Carrie was trying to distract him with videos on youtube.

In between all this was Christmas parties for the youth girls at church and the boys at a friend's house on Saturday. The Christmas feast at church on Sunday. And trying to get things ready for Christmas here. We tried to take advantage of the snow day and do some much needed things here. Unfortunately it involved pulling things out and moving them around. So in "cleaning" we created messes. Hopefully tonight we'll get the rest under control. Michelle and Liz have put a huge dent in my wrapping. I still have a fair bit though. For the first time I'm wondering if it's such a good idea to wrap EVERYTHING! lol I also have 5 or 6 projects I have to do. Granted I could give an IOU to the intended recipient but I'd prefer to have them done tonight.

Michelle has to work from noon to 8 tonight. I'm going to see if Drew (who has today off) will drive her into work. Liz, Carrie and I are going to pick her up and finish up the absolute last minute shopping...I hope! She's also due to work Wed from 9-2:30. I'm hoping the weather isn't too bad again. There's a call for a wintery mix so who knows what that'll entail.

We're going to Tom's older brother's house for Christmas Eve. I'm still not positive on what we're bringing to eat. Have to get that ironed out before we go out tonight. Last year was the first year that I had ALL the wrapping done before going and it was SOOOOO relaxing. I'm really shooting for it again this year...even if I have to forego sleep tonight. It's amazing how long it takes to wrap all the teeny tiny stuff. Again, rethinking that part. Think they'd mind a grocery bag full of stuff under the tree? lol

Ok...I'm being used as a jungle gym...making typing (and thinking) very hard. Things won't get done unless I actually attempt to do them...so I'll have to finish up here.

If I don't get back until after Christmas...Wishing everyone the very best Christmas! To my Jewish friends...Happy Hanukkah!

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