Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday morning pity party

I'm sitting here in my coat, feeling like garbage. Trying to not let the fact that the day has just started and won't be stopping anytime soon not bring me to tears. Last night was a looong night. For a zillion reasons I kept waking up. So it turned into one of those nights when you feel like your body didn't get any rest. Tom's on call and has been out since at least 6:30am. Michelle needs to be at work in 2hrs and I'm the only driver (it's out of Tom's work area)

The old hag found me yesterday so I'm feeling the effects of that a bit. I always feel cheated when she shows up. Why do I have to deal with it when there's no possibility of getting anything cute and cuddly 9mos later. If it weren't for the symptoms of menopause, I'd be wishing that on myself now.

I'm feeling a bit feverish and I'm not sure if it's because of my face or my hand. I'm either getting sick or I kicked up some major allergies working around here yesterday. I'm stuffed up on the right side so bad my cheek bone hurts right down into my teeth. I haven't looked but my face feels swollen on that side too.

To top it off, I misstepped on the treadmill yesterday which resulted in belt burns on my knees, left shin, left arm and my left hand. I didn't get hurt hurt, if it weren't for the moving belt I'd have been fine. (lesson learned...WEAR the emergency stop clip!) Unfortunately I think I have a case of cellulitis in the sore on my left hand...just below my pinkie finger. Half of the top of my hand is sore, red and swollen with a faint red line starting toward my wrist. I'm treating it and keeping an eye on it and if it increases I'll have it checked out. I know cellulitis can move fast and isn't to be messed with. I only have one primary care doctor. I love the guy but I haven't seen him since before Danielle was born. He operates in a different city and at a different hospital then the one I'd use near me. I'm not even sure what his after hours/weekend protocol is anymore.

OK...pity party over. Yesterday was Carrie's day to go shopping. Unfortunately we didn't have much time and I'm not sure if she's completely done. So the lucky duck may get another trip out (and I'm sure I'll hear about how unfair it is from the peanut gallery). Today is suppose to be Jake's. As much as I don't feel up to going out, I don't really want to back out of this on him either. He's had to wait for more turns then he was suppose to and he wasn't handling it very well the other day. We have to finish this up this week since some of the purchases are for the Christmas feast next weekend.

Michelle has gotten the kids into a paper snowflake frenzy. They are covering the livingroom walls with looks pretty cool in here (as long as you don't look at the floor lol). I "wrapped" our front door in some rich blue and silver water resistant paper with silver ribbon and huge silver bow. It came out pretty good if I do say so myself.

Like I said above, I've been working around here. Yesterday was a mass laundry washing day. If I let myself I could get depressed over the amount that's still left in the hall to do. At least I know there won't be any kids cleaning their rooms and rejuvenating the piles. They did that last weekend! lol Now my room...that'sw a different story. I'd like to find the time to get in there and clean it before Christmas as a gift to myself (and Tom). I don't think it's going to happen though. I figure I can do it after Christmas. That way I can take advantage of the kids being on vacation and have them watch Danielle and Sean.

Well, Sean's sleeping on the couch next to me, Michelle is due out the door in 15mins. I'm gonna go grab a cup of coffee that just finished brewing.


One of the Cow Crew said...

Kim, I hope you are feeling much better! (((Hugs)))

truth said...

Here's hoping you had a better rest of the day.

Lisa said...

Youch! Take care of yourself. I hope things improved.

Denise said...

(((Hugs))) I hope things are going better now. I know you are way busy, but I wanted to pass this award on to you if you have the time. I’ve been given the Lemonade Award by a fellow blogger. Stop by my blog to get the details.

Busy Working Mom said...

Wow, you have been pretty busy lately. I hope you get that much needed rest. When I feel so overwhelmed with all the responsibility at home and at work, I try to have at least a couple of minutes of time alone. But you clearly need to rest. I wish you all the best.