Saturday, July 18, 2009

This wasn't my intention

I never intended to let this place go dormant, especially now that Liz is gone. I wanted to keep this updated and fresh with tons of pictures for Liz to see. I even bought a new camera before she left. Unfortunately I keep forgetting I own it and now the batteries are dead, so tons of pictures there aren't.

I've come to realize that I can't do everything. And now it's three days later and I still haven't gotten anywhere on this thing. *heavy sigh*

So what's been happening here since the 4th? The bedrooms have been in a state of disarray since we started tearing them apart on the 3rd. Some of them are in a lot better shape then others. Some have also been in various stages of being done. But to be all done...nope. The Library (my project) is a HUGE disaster area. I managed to weed out a ton of books from the shelves, making room for our overflowing bookcase of kids books but that's about it. But hey! The bookcase wall looks awesome! So what if you can't walk in the room to get to the bookcase!

We had a birthday party/cookout for Tom's 51st birthday on the 11th. It was lots of fun and I stayed up WAY too late around the bonfire and got too little sleep. When I had barely recovered from that it was Eileen's birthay on the 16th. We had 2 nieces over and one of Eileen's friends from school. It was a time for yummy 1st time food discoveries with bacon and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and chocolate waffles with ice cream for breakfast (used brownie and waffle mix together, next time I might try just brownie mix lol). Eileen was amazed to find out that Liz had bought and left her a birthday present. A Hannah Montana sundress which was a big hit. We did have a not so great episode to her day though. In the evening she told me, everything makes me think of Uncle Billy. I told her it's because he'd have been a part of her day and she missed him. Just like I'm sure dad missed him this last weekend at his birthday party. Then she broke down crying. I wish there was a way I could make this easier for her to bear.

We're not done with birthdays either, Sean is turning TWO on Friday!!! He's gotten huge and maturing at an unbelievable rate. (although still insists on nursing everytime I sit down!) He talks up a storm and you really have to watch what you say around him if you don't want things repeated. Even if you don't think he's paying attention or sleeping. There is some hint of potty training on the horizon. Everytime I buy a box of diapers I say...Hey! Maybe this will be the last box I buy. But I've been saying that quite awhile now.

We've talked to Liz on Skype a few times and the last time I thought she was going to cry when Sean kept telling her...My Dirtday Nex! I asked if she was homesick and she put her index finger and thumb about half an inch apart and held it up. As much fun as Skype is, and it's great seeing her when we talk, I'd love to get her alone on the phone and talk talk. Skype is mostly idle chitchat and fooling around. To be able to have a real conversation with her would be awesome. I told her if I was going to get her a package out I needed her address. She said she'd find that out for me. lol One of her Norwegian friends came up to the computer and Liz introduced Eileen and Carrie who could be seen on the laptop. The girl came closer to the camera and said....Your sister is CRAZY!!! I then popped my head into view and she said OH! Is that your mom? When Liz told her it was, the girl then told me....She's a good girl! I laughed and said...oh so now there's a sister version and a mom version!?

On Sunday we went to my sister's for Jess's graduation party. (Oh this is ridiculous! It's the next day AGAIN! Now where was I....) The party was nice with tons of food (leftovers which we've been eating all week) and talking with family. I ended up bringing home my sister's youngest, Emily who will be going home this morning.

Oreo is getting HUGE! He's also gotten a lot better with the kids although we still have to watch him closely with the little ones. He feels free to think of the rules as more like guidelines with them. And as I type this Sean is in the kitchen telling Oreo...No Oreo! My truck! Seems Oreo is laying next to him and had somehow managed to end up with the truck Sean was carrying around. Sean had it back in his possession before I even got out to the kitchen. He's hilarious with Oreo. He's not afraid of him in the least and is always telling Oreo..NO! Or Leave 'lone! The newest problem area is getting Oreo to realize the kitchen table is OFF LIMITS to him! He's so big now that reaching up there is no problem. Until he gets caught that is.

We had our first major harvests from the garden this week. On Monday Tom picked a big pile of green beans. It wasn't enough for everyone to have as much as they wanted (some kids prefer canned to garden fresh) but it was enough for us all to have a decent taste of them. Tuesday it was the zucchini. I cooked a HUGE pot of it with butter, garlic powder, salt and pepper. YUM! Then the rest I cut up, threw on a cookie sheet and froze. It filled a gallon baggie and is now in the freezer. I have a feeling we'll be freely giving away zucchinis soon.

We had a cool thing happen yesterday. Val left with her friend Brittany shortly before I had to leave to pick up Luke from school. On the way to school the kids yelled that a yard was full of stuff with a huge FREE sign. I told them it was probably a garage sale with a free area and that I wasn't going to stop. It seems Val and Brittany did stop because they pulled into the driveway shortly after we got back from school. And with them was a pickup truck FILLED with things...a turtle sandbox with lid, a Little Tykes desk with lamp and chair, a Little Tykes workshop, a Little Tykes pink rocking chair, a wood toddler bed complete with mattress in awesome condition. Brittany's car was full of stuff too...books, Barney dvds, remote control cars, a Dora play tent, dishes, appliances and much more...including a size 14 wedding dress which the woman insisted Val take...Plain but very pretty. And it was all FREE! They just wanted to get rid of everything. I stopped by there on the way home from picking up Michelle from work and grabbed a midsize bike for the girls.

So what's the rest of the week look like? Not much. Luke back and forth to scummer school. Which he's doing good in (91% in Math which says...YOU SHOULDN'T be in this class. 76% in English which he DID need to attend for). Only 2 more weeks left for that. Michelle has today and I think Friday off (which Luke has off from school too so no NEEDED driving that day). Tom's on call so no major outings or such planned. It also means I'm stuck driving Michelle all week/weekend as the city she works in is in a different county then he works. He can't risk getting a call being so far from home. I know my sister mentioned us coming over to her house this weekend and eating the grad party leftovers she threw in the freezer. Not sure I want to do that after eating all this week here though. lol Although visiting with her in a more relaxed setting isn't a bad thing. Oh yeah, Sean's birthday on Friday! We'll have cake and ice cream for him. We also have a Skype date set up with Liz so she can wish him a happy birthday.

Well the house is starting to get a bit busier so I probably should end this before I put off posting it ANOTHER day. I'm hoping to get pictures up soon. (started that post a week earlier then this one!)

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