Thursday, July 02, 2009

Who knew

Whoda thunk a brain fart could snowball into a huge fiasco...but it did. Luke started summer school yesterday. He's one of my kids that hates to get up in the morning so I was happy to see him up and about before I came out of my room on Wednesday. Today though...not so lucky. I crawled out of bed at 6:15, talked to Tom for two minutes before he went out the door, decided to let Luke sleep another 15mins and then got busy. I forgot WHY I was up (besides being unable to sleep) until it hit me at 7:11. Luke's suppose to be at the high school to catch the bus at 7! A bunch of us little districts do summer school together and classes are held two districts west of us. I yell for Luke and he's flying down the hall dressed and ready to go in a minute. Not knowing exactly where it is, I google where the middle school in the district is and we take off. We're flying driving down the road at 7:14.

I had a slight problem in that I was racing the clock. I had to have Luke to school by 8 when classes start so he's ok. BUT I had to be home by 8 because Michelle is due to work at 8:30. I MIGHT be able to do it but it'll be close that's for sure. My original thought on where to get off the main road is wrong....district's in the next town over, so we turn around immediately. We get to the town the school's in and go into the village. Luke says nothing looks familiar and I'm getting frustrated. Finally I see the road that google said the middle school's on. We find the school quickly but it doesn't look like there's anyone there. Luke sees it's the MIDDLE school and reminds me school is held at the ELEMENTARY school (suppose to be at the high school but it's under major reconstruction). We turn around, see some kids who look to be waiting for the bus to summer school (I suggest Luke climb out and try to hitch a ride but he's pretty sure their driver won't allow it...he's probably right so I don't push it).

We ask the kids for directions (back to the main road, further west, a certain road, past the high school and down the road) and are on our way, backtracking to the main road and even further west...further away from the house. We see another school and drive to it but realize it's not it. BUT we find the road that the kids mentioned we needed to be on and drive down it. It comes back out to the main road! I'm fit to be tied! We're still not at the school and I need to head home if I'm going to get Michelle to work on time. So I tell Luke he's not going to school that day and he's fine with it. (he's only allowed to miss 2 days) We start heading back east on the main road and I have a sense of guilt hit me...we're SO close. It would be terrible for us to get so close only to make him miss a day. So I have Luke call Michelle and inform her she either needs to call in late to work or find a ride. We turn back around and wouldn't you know it, there's a sign for the high school...we'd just needed to keep going on the road we were on! We find the high school ok and keep driving down this country road. It seems to go on forever and I start declaring there's NO WAY the town WAY BACK THERE would have elementary school WAY OUT HERE! We must've passed it or got lost. I'm about to turn around at the next 4 corners when I see a school bus approaching from the left with it's signal light on to go down the road we're on. So it is still ahead. I drive down the road with my eye on the bus behind me incase it turns off our road, but it doesn't and eventually the elementary school appears. Although Luke's still not sure it's the right one. I drop him off, tell him to follow the kids who get off the school bus and he'll be fine. Then I start to race home to get Michelle. About half a mile down the road I see it...Luke's spiral notebook on the dashboard. OH that poor kid, not only is he frazzled, he's unprepared too. I hope he knows where to go since his schedule and room assignment is in the book. I say a little prayer for him and continue racing down the street. I arrive home at 8:20, pull into the driveway and honk. Michelle's not quite ready, so I run in the house, grab Sean, change his diaper, throw a clean shirt on him, throw him in his car seat and we're on our way. She gets to work about 25mins late. I drop her off, turn around and head back home...pulling into the driveway at 9:25 and ready for a nap! At least I have 4.5hrs to relax before I have to do it all over again.

Tom and I have to talk. I NEED to get my girls driving!

Sorry I meant to get on and share more pictures. Guess I needed to let off a bit of frustration. I promise to share cute, cuddly and nice things next time. :o)


Lisa said...

I don't know how you do it with all the driving. Emma being able to drive has SAVED me.

16 blessings'mom said...

Oh Kim, have Michelle buy herself a car, she surely has enough after working all this time...she can buy what she's comfy with, (and you can still have your car) and you can have three extra hours a day, and lots less stress!!! Or have her get a job that isn't SO far is crazy....her job is YOUR life. Just a thought! Yeah, I like the posts with the cute picture and cuddly stories better! After reading this post, I was tense!