Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coffee break

I love when my mornings go like today has. Up before the break of dawn and Tom's alarm, laundry in, dishes going, took care of the pool and the chickens and sent Luke off to school. Now I'm sitting here with my coffee.

Drew borrowed the van today since he had to be at work at 6am. Allison picked up Luke and dropped him off to school on her way to work. (a little early for her but not too much) Drew will pick up Luke on the way home from work and then take Michelle to work for me. :o) So ALL day with no interruptions. What to do. The list is so long. I could work in my room, tackle the little girls' pile of clothes in their room, start hoeing out the laundry room or crochet the baby blankets I need to have done by the end of August. And then there's the regular work that still needs fed, diapers changed, supervision in the pool, dishes, laundry, counters to bleach, floors needing sweeping, etc.

Oh I guess save the dog from the ferocious chicken coop fence would have to be added in there. I have no idea what was wrong with him but he was yelping horribly. By the time I got to the coop area he had stopped and was sitting there. (looked like he was stuck in the fence before that) He then proceeded to come in and throw up all over the livingroom floor. Oh joy! Guess it could be one of those minutes when I was glad I wasn't pregnant. Actually I had the same thought when I turned on the sink to wash my face last night since it's especially stinky (sulfur water). If there was a possibility of me being pregnant I'd be wondering since I've noticed a lot of not so nice smells lately. But of course I can't.... *heavy sigh* I knew there'd be times like this. I've been waiting for times like this. Hopefully it doesn't stick around for long or get too bad.

Sean's up! It's a whole new ballgame now. I always tell's a good thing you're so cute! I'm glad he's a snuggle bug. There's nothing better then to sit with him in my arms. I just wish at times he didn't want to do it EVERY TIME I SIT DOWN! And at times when I'm not...insisting...SIT DOWN MOM! My Mr Man is getting to be such a boy. Right now his favorite thing to do is to play in the new (to us) sandbox with his cars. It's hard to believe he'll be 2yo tomorrow. It's exciting and sad at the same time.

Tomorrow we have a Skype date set up with Liz for anytime after noon our time (6pm her time). I keep thinking it's suppose to be today. Our microphone and speakers are getting shot so I think I'll buy Sean a new set for his birthday. Lucky guy. :o) I do have some cheap things put away for him too...mostly trucks. He really doesn't need anything but I want him to be able to open something.

Well the kids are getting up and I'm needing to do things. So I don't risk turning this into a multiday event, I'm ending it here. Hopefully next time I'm here I'll have gotten a lot accomplished.

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Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Sean!! Addie will be two next month. I'm trying not to hold her back but I don't want her to quit being a baby, wah! I keep trying to remember how lousy I feel being pregnant but my mind can't seem to remember.