Thursday, January 27, 2011

3 AM

Oh I love it when the house is perfectly quiet (well except the loud humming of this computer). I just wish it didn't have to be 3am in order for me to experience it. What's the sense of going to bed early if my body will only let me have 5 or 6 hours of sleep and have me up at such an insane early hour? Unless it's to experience the perfect quiet of my house.

Seems we couldn't avoid getting hit with the sickness that's been going around. Carrie was throwing up all night Monday night and still isn't 100%. Danielle was burning up most of yesterday and just camped out in my lap with a bucket (but luckily hasn't had to use it yet). My stomach felt off last night and I couldn't get warm. Instead of jumping in a hot shower I decided to jump into bed...with my coat on. I went out like a light. But again, I'm up NOW!

So it's been a while since I've been here. A LOT has and is going on around here.

Drew, Allison and Meghan are settling in as the little family they are. Allison is doing the stay at home mom thing and watching her nephew 4 days a week. Meghan is a cutie pants and growing like a weed! I don't see her nearly enough but when I do...I just eat her up!!! I'm already chomping at the bit for when she can come spend the night here.

Pat and Alex were married on November 13th. Beautiful bride, handsome groom, lovely ceremony, fun reception. They are both working their fannies off at a state hospital. Pat's one year anniversary is coming up soon. That means he can apply to school for a nursing degree with the lovely benefit of work paying for it (if he continues working full-time). It's nice to see him find his niche finally.

Michelle took her road test on Tuesday and passed!!!! No more driving her around for me! It was weird for her to go out the door this morning without me. I'm sure it felt really good for her though. Then I realized...she went shopping without me!!! She stopped at Target on the way home from work and I wasn't there. I wondered if she enjoyed putting things in her cart without me seeing or commenting on it. There was a motivator for her to get her license now. She's moving out this weekend. She has almost all her stuff boxed up. They have the place as of today but most of the moving will happen on Saturday since everyone has to work. It's going to be so weird around here without her. She's our main fun maker. Allison is really stoked about her moving out since she's moving into the same apartment complex that Drew and Allison live in....just the building across the courtyard from them. I'm hoping now that I don't have to drive so much...I can drive over to Drew and Allison's more and see MEG!

Val graduated from Esthetics (skin care and make up) school in November. She's waiting to hear from a local spa about a job. (then I'll be driving HER until the weather improves and it's safe to be teaching a new driver). She was to take the written test for her Esthetics license on Tuesday....until we learned on Monday afternoon the test was actually administered on Monday afternoon!!! It's given once a month and on the same day across the state. So she now has to wait until Feb 28th to take it. Frustrating for someone who just wants to complete things and be official. (she has a 6 month temporary license, so she's allowed to work now)

Liz has on her traveling pants again. She's gone back to Norway to be a "mother's helper" for a family there. She left on Jan 6th and is set to return Mar 22nd, a week before her passport expires. She's taking care of a 3yo boy and a 1.5yo girl who are very cute. There is now talk of her starting at the local college in August.

Mr Luke.... he's a senior this year and I'm hoping he'll be graduating with everyone else. It looks like Civics class may put a kabash on that. Well I should say LUKE put a kabash on it with civics class. The boy is intelligent as all get out but sometimes I wonder about him. It's just lack of work!!! He's my most soft spoken, caring kid and doesn't ask for hardly anything. I really have no idea how to motivate him to actually pick up a pen and paper, short of literally sitting on him until he does it. We've even imposed a 2hr study time after school. From 3 - 5 you are to be working on your homework, reading or SOMETHING besides watching the idiot box or staring at a computer monitor. He keeps busy...just not doing what he should. After all...AWWWW he forgot it at school. Grrr! As much as I want to throw things at him. I also feel for him. After all, the kid is at an age/point where he's suppose to/expected to have his whole life figured out and plotted. I can see where that idea could shut him down....especially if he has NO clue what he wants to do. I'm glad I'm not almost 18 anymore.

Carrie's a freshman this year and she's struggling. Although I have to give her credit, she's trying a lot harder to succeed then she has the last few years. We're working with the educational specialist at 5C (Peds Hem-Onc Center) to try to find ways to make things easier on her. I think she's really just wishing these next 2 years would get over all ready so she could take the cosmetology courses at the occupational center during her junior and senior year.

Jacob is in 8th grade and is presently taking his gun safety course. Getting him one step closer into the "He-man Gun Toting Hunters Club"...RUN BAMBI RUN! :o) He's on the go a lot with plans almost every weekend.

Eileen officially became a youth at church this summer and is loving it! She's always ready to go and do, whatever the plans are. She's another one that tends to have plans almost every weekend. Of course she also loves to hang out with Olivia whenever the plans don't come to fruit.

Olivia is all about gymnastics. She's constantly doing splits, headstands, bridges, front walk overs and such. Which isn't easy in the dead of winter in Central NY...especially when a chunk of open floor space is a very hard commodity to come by. The girls even brought up a balance beam into their room before the snow started flying. It originally was a skateboarding rail but it works perfectly for gymnastics. Ah memories of when I was their age and going back and forth on my homemade wooden beam in the yard all summer. (I also skateboarded too but we didn't use rails way back then)

Danielle is too cute for words. She was just recently a flower girl in a friend's wedding last weekend. There's talk of going professional (after all she's filled the position twice in 3 months) lol. She thinks she's ready for Kindergarten and can't understand why she just can't go NOW! I don't want to think/talk about it yet! When not trying to talk me into letting her on the school bus she's plotting ways to get together with her cousin and bestfriend Charlotte.

Seany McSean Sean. The boy is still throwing me for a loop and keeping me on my toes. Right now it's potty training. He can do it and has stretches of time where I think he's got it down. Then we don't. I know he can do it, it's just a matter of him deciding and wanting to. Hopefully it'll be before he's ready for Kindergarten. ;o) His big thing right now is legos. It's nice to see them being put to use again, it's been a while. Now if he could just pick them up when he's done...our feet would really appreciate it. somehow got to be almost 5:00 now and Danielle is up. She thought she wet the bed but didn't...phew! She seems to be feeling a lot better so that's good. I intended to put pics up with this post but it'll have to wait. I'm going to take Danielle to bed and cuddle with her until she's back to sleep. Poor me! What a terrible job I have. ;o)


~Tammy~ said...

So glad to hear from you Kim! I have been wondering how everyone is doing!

NannyOgg said...

Welcome back to blogging and thanks for the great update!

Sounds like things are going well,