Thursday, August 19, 2010

How the heck did that happen?

And how did I go so long without realizing? The computer I've been using... Dell Optiplex 210 has been running like crap for the last month or so. It's so frustrating! I've been tempted to throw it out the window. It's made buying a new computer very tempting.

First it was constant virtual memory too low messages. Then all operations on it slowed to a snail's pace. I've been fiddling with it constantly ever since. I've defragged it, ran msconfig and turned off everything I possibly could. I deleted microsoft essentials security because I read that it could bog things down and installed another security system that was supposedly faster...still no change (but lots of tweaking of the new firewall though). Then it hit me...the memory!

I wondered if something was up with the RAM. I have 1g of RAM so there shouldn't be a problem. Imagine my shock when I looked at the system's info and see it listing my RAM as 258mb. HUH?!? How could I possibly be working with that amount? My first thought was to order new memory but then I decided to see if it was something I could fix internally (stick not in the slot right, slot dirty, etc). So I crack open the case, take out the stick, clear the slot of dust and go to reinstall the stick. But wait! I need to know the speed and whatnot so I can order the new sticks of memory. Then I see it.... 258mb listed on the memory stick's sticker. NO WAY! Someone stole/replaced my 1g memory card!?! Who would do that? Why would they do that?

I ran down to the library and take the 512mg memory card out of Michelle's emachine that she's no longer using. Installed it so there is now 760mb of RAM and taaadaaaa! Computer running like new again! YAY!!!

On the way home from driving Michelle to work I was stuck in some traffic and got to thinking....really, who would have taken my memory. It's not like memory is expensive or rare. So I decided to look up the system I have and sure enough it's listed as being sold with only 258mb of RAM. HOW did I manage to not get bogged down before this? All those times that Drew kept telling me I needed more memory and I told him...I have 1gig, it's working fine, no I don't. Guess I have to give kudos to the motherboard.

Hmmmmm I'm not sure what's happening outside but Sean just came in yelling behind him...YOU SUCK! Oh such lovely kids. And the joy of having older ones to teach the younger ones all the wonderful language they do. But hey, I have it easier because I have older kids *dripping in sarcasm*. At least according to someone I know. I always wonder if she's eating her words now that her kids are older. Give me a bunch of little ones anyday! I LOVE my older kids to pieces but things were so much simpler/easier when they didn't have a life of their own. lol

Last Saturday I got my Meghan fix in!!!! Drew and Allison came by in the evening. I told them...I'll babysit so you can go out to the fire and they took me up on the offer. She fussed and cried but she's still adorable. Sean was ecstatic to get to hold her since he couldn't the week before due to his cold.


Olivia was all over it too....following me around, begging me to let her hold her. She's growing like a weed! She's gained back a pound in the week since her first doctor's obviously nursing is going well. Can I be greedy and wish I could see her everyday?

My sister's youngest, Emily is here for a few days. I exchanged her for Carrie who is now done with summer school so is free to socialize. Emily brought her kids' recipe books and Tracy bought her ingredients to bring. We're being treated to lots of treats. This morning they made fruit kabobs with yogurt dip. This afternoon it was pasta salad and cooling down now are chocolate chip cookie bars. YUM! I have to make dinner early since I'll be leaving for a meeting at 6. It's getting to be that time of year sports events and working at the dome. We're running a concession stand for the football season....Go Syracuse! The better they do, the bigger the crowds, the more we sell, the more we earn.

This week has been a little rough. So far we've had...Tom hurting his back pretty bad on Sunday (he's moving around a lot better today). Carrie pouring huge hot cup of tea on her lap (luckily no major burns). Me with a major headache that's on it's second day but no where near like it was yesterday. So to say that I'm excited that Tom is on vacation as of Friday night is an understatement. We want to do a bunch of day trips but not sure where and when. I'm just glad he gets to take some time off and relax for a few days.

Well, dinner isn't making itself and I don't hear the dinner fairy knocking on the door (she's probably out partying with the dishes fairy who's been MIA for a while). So I guess it's up to me to feed this group which requires me to get my bottom out of this chair! BOOOOO!


Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...

She's a cutie! I've got the lack of baby blues bad.

Anonymous said...

He's 3? No way! Congrats on your gma status!

Catherine (blogless)

holly said...

Come on's been nearly a month already. Update, please. :)