Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Did Jake wear my sneakers today?

That's the question I was asking Danielle at 8:30 this morning. I went to take the dog out and saw his sneakers (only shoes he owns) sitting near the door. So it was a sensible assumption since I know I woke him up this morning for school (is out the door by 7:25). Then I see my sneaks sitting there and it hit me...I don't remember him going out the door! Go down the hall and there he is, still in bed! UGH!

So I took advantage of his laziness and took a nap while he watched the kids!!! I didn't get much sleep last night since Sean was hugging a bucket for most of it. Add that onto the 2nd day of a cold and I couldn't keep my eyes opened. Danielle did manage to crawl in and snuggle with me twice. Sean tried to get me to get up once or twice but I stayed hunkered down. It was too warm and cozy to move. (coming from someone who hates to waste time napping).

I was also awoken when Sean started yelling from the bathroom....HEY EVERYBODY!!! I'm going potty on the toilet!!!! Yep! He went in, took off his diaper, got on the toilet and went...all on his own. Of course this is the one day I was adamant we weren't working on potty training since he had the stomach bug that hit him on both ends. BUT he insisted on wearing undies (Danielle's!) and he has remained dry all day long on his own. No prompting, no cajoling, no bribes, no having to whisked by a big person. Just Sean. He even protested when I put a diaper on him in his sleep. Let's just hope this wasn't a one day thing. But I think it's not.

Everyone is excited that there may be a snow day tomorrow morning. I'm not as sure about that as I was earlier today. The forecast has changed tonight. Instead of 8-14+" they were predicting, the storm is tracking further north and they're predicting 4-8" with sleet and freezing rain. I was hoping we'd be lucky and they'd cancel school tonight and let us sleep in...but it hasn't happened. Hopefully they won't wait too long before doing it tomorrow morning. There's nothing more frustrating then to get up bright and early and get ready, only to find out 15mins before the buses leave the garage that there's no school.

So Michelle moved out this weekend. It's weird to not have a clue what days or hours she's working. Even after I stopped driving her I found myself watching the clock for her, checking to be sure she was up, etc. I haven't talked to her since she left which is also weird. Val has been busy working on the bedroom. She's taken the bunk bed down, stripped all the magazine pictures off the walls and undecorated. She's hoping we can get paint this weekend so she can put everything back how she wants to really soon. The disorder is driving her crazy. I told her after her room is down she has to help me with the little girl's room upstairs. I've been saying we're going to redo it for almost 2yrs now and it REALLY needs it.

I haven't gone anywhere but church and a quick trip to the town next to us to pick up Carrie since last Tuesday when I worked at the dome. It's nice to not have to and it certainly helps with not spending money (not that I have any to spend anyways). You'd think with me being home that things would get accomplished around here. Well they have a little bit, you just can't tell since whatever I did has come undone. I really need to start paying more attention to this place. Especially MY room which is the catchall for everything no one knows what to do with. The place is depressing to wake up in. I feel defeated even before my feet hit the floor. I was thinking if the kids are home it might be a good time to get in there and start working. Problem is, I know once I start, my allergies are going to go crazy. Can my cold get any worse? I'm already stuffed up. Where's the cleaning fairy when you really need her!?!

Oops...Sean is awake. I need to go take care of him. Hopefully we won't be seeing too much bucket use.


Madeleine said...

You have a sweet family:) I enjoy reading your posts. I plan on returning to your blog again soon.


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