Thursday, June 30, 2011

WHAT are you doing to me!?!

2 posts in one day...when's the last time that happened here?

I had to run into the city with Liz for a bit, Jake and Luke here to watch the kids. (passed Tom coming home on our street) I ran my errands and as I was coming around the corner of our street I find Jake on the side of the road with Danielle and Sean. (about half a mile from the house) WHAT!?!?! It wasn't so unusual that they were going for a walk. It was the fact that they were all barefooted and the little ones, especially Danielle looked like slobs! Sean wasn't so bad since he was wearing his spiderman costume...luckily it was only in the 60s today. Danielle though...oh my goodness! She hadn't had her hair brushed all day, she had on a winter Dora pajama shirt, and not matching flannel pants. UGH!

I can say I could care less what the neighbors think of me. But deep down I kind of do. At the very least I don't want to give them "ammunition". I can just hear it now...SEE! I told you she couldn't take care of all those kids, no one can. Oh well, I'll just consider it a gift to them to help them feel better about their life and choices in it.

And now it's the next day since my laptop made Blogger crap out on me and wouldn't let me in. Seems my date setting was off on my end and it made blogger security certificate wrong and therefore off limits. (thank you google!) Olivia is driving me slightly crazy. She's relentlessly on me about starting to work on her room. I don't blame her, she's been hearing me talk about fixing it up for quite a few years. Besides our bedroom, it's the one room that hasn't had any improvements on, not even paint. Those new cans of Sour Apple Green paint are just mocking her on the kitchen floor. And to make her even more excited to get things going...I came home with 15 cases of self stick vinyl floor tiles....enough to do all 4 rooms in the addition. We're been dealing with a flea problem and to help get them under control I've thought of getting rid of the carpeting. Besides, the carpeting is really gross. The tiles are low end and are only a temporary fix, but they'll be a vast improvement over what's in there now. When the kids pointed out to Tom what I came home with his response was....have fun with that. So I guess I'm on my own in terms of the work. Good thing I have some big kids to help, I'm not a spring chicken anymore.

Well, I can't take Olivia's pestering for me to get off I go!


~Tammy~ said...

You CAN do the flooring! I laid parquet tiles in our old house with the help of my teens. Remember to start in the middle of the rooms!

Kim said...

Thanks for the encouragement Tammy. I've done these before so I'm confident I can do it...just wasn't looking forward to doing it without some muscles nearby.

While I know you're SUPPOSE to start in the middle, I don't think I will be. I'm not really concerned with the aesthetics of it since most will be covered up with beds and dressers. I'll probably do half a room, move everything over and do the other half. So I'm figuring if I make sure the rows are straight at the door where everyone will see it.... I'll be good.

Besides...I'd like to save myself with having to cut as many tiles as I can.