Thursday, June 30, 2011

You'd never know by looking at me

I am stuck in the house for a while because...I'm a mess!!! I got to painting and it shows...all over me! The ceiling wasn't so bad to do and I was pretty neat about it thanks to a roller with a shield. It was the black enamel paint and the bunkbed that did me in! I couldn't start the girls' walls since they needed a skim coat of spackle first. So I decided to get their bunkbeds painted. With 2 half pints of semi-gloss black enamel paint from the dollar store and few sponge brushes I got to work. Knowing that the rug was going to be ripped out soon, I didn't worry about drips. What I forgot was that it might not be a good idea for ME to be wearing the drips. I am covered in the stuff! I ran out of paint, what I did do could use a second coat and I realized that the sponges weren't the best idea, I need a regular brush. So it looks like a trip to the dollar store is in my near future. After running out of enamel I decided to get some fresh air and try out another find from the dollar store.... Valspar spray paint for plastic. I grabbed a junk picked plastic lawn chair and attacked it with the can of royal blue paint. I did a pretty crappy job and used one can on one chair, but it's an improvement over what it looked like. Now to see if it's tacky after it dries or if it's going to flake off. I don't want to do the other chairs and then discover I don't like how it weathers.

I am so pooped out right now but I don't want to stop working. I'm afraid once I stop, I'll lose my gumption. I have to at least get up and make something for dinner. Think they'd mind if I just threw some cheerios into the center of the floor and said...go at it! Can't they see I'm too busy to eat, much less make THEM something to eat!?! I guess I'll be a good mom and cook some marinated chicken breasts and make a huge salad before all the produce I bought last week turns to mush.

Oops! Heavy eyelids won and I dozed off before hitting the publish buton! Now I really have to get up or it'll be breakfast time before I know it.

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