Thursday, October 18, 2012

We're home

Carrie was discharged from the hospital at 6:30.   Her test showed that things aren't perfect and could be contributing to the kidney infections.   They aren't bad enough to do anything drastic like surgery to fix it though.   So for now we leave it like it is and hope we can get to the point that she doesn't get any more infections...thinking this is all still related to the kidney stone and stent even though they are gone.    I just hope he's right because we can't be doing this every month or so.   And most of all it's not good for her kidney!

We were out the door in no time BUT we couldn't car wouldn't start!   On Monday I'd taken a shower before leaving the house and my hair was down.  So before going into the urologist's office I pulled down my visor so I could pull up my hair.  I left the visor opened with the vanity light on!  For three days!   Luckily my parents' house isn't too far from the hospital so I called Drew to come give me a jump.   We were also lucky in that didn't insist Carrie stay in the hospital until she could get in the car and that it was a really beautiful night out.   Carrie and I stood on the top of the parking garage and people watched...pretending multiple times that we were dropping things on them or making up stories about their lives.   It was one way for me to get a chance to get a kiss from Meghan.   I bought them dinner at a local place on the university for helping me out.   On the way home Carrie and I stopped to fill her prescriptions and then ran through McDs for some fries to share and a drink.   When Carrie noticed one of our school buses in the parking lot we decided to go inside.   It was the girl's field hockey team coming home from a game, so Carrie got to say hi to a few friends.

It is nice to be home.   I'm due to head out the door in 20 minutes and take Val to work.   I'm tempted to not come right home and go grocery shopping  and just let Sean and Danielle sleep in and take the day off.  We REALLY need groceries.   I could be home by 9 or 10 and then spend the day with them.   Besides Sean has gotten another cold and was coughing most of the night.   I think he might even have a bit of a fever but I'm afraid to touch him to find out because then he'd probably be up for the day!  

Well, I took Val to work and decided to go to Wegman's quick and let the kids stay home.   I ran through the store and filled my cart but then GRRRRRRRR!    I realized I'd left my cell at home and inside the case was my bank card and my license, so I wrote a check.   It came up denied!!!   I have had their shoppers club card since they were first offered 20+ yrs ago.   The reason I was check cashing privileges are attributed to my card.  HUH!?!?   It seems when they sent me my replacement card it didn't include all my privileges....I had to add them back on again.   Problem need a LICENSE to add these privileges to your card!   When I explained that I was writing a check because my bank card and license were home and that I've had the account forever, that only the card was new because my old one couldn't be read anymore it fell on deaf ears.   I was given the option of using a credit/debit card (helllloooo it's at home!), them holding the cart of groceries while I went to the bank and cashed the check (no branches in the area and besides....i need my license to do that!) or to run home and get my license and proceed with the process (which would take over an hour and if I did that I wouldn't need to write a check since I could also grab my bank card!).    I ended up walking out of there without any groceries having just wasted a hour of my time and feeling a bit frustrated and like they thought I was trying to scam them.  Then on the way home I realized I was also without my coupons that I "used"!...including a buy one get one free shampoo coupon that I'd rather use at BJ's.   I'd only used it there because we desperately needed shampoo and conditioner and they didn't have any of the cheap VO5 stuff on the shelf.   So double GRRR!  

And on that note I have to leave, Val just called.   She's sick and needs me to come pick her up at work.  Never a dull moment.      

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16 blessings'mom said...

Wow Kim. God must love you bunches to lovingly send you so many trials at once! Doesn't feel like it though, does it? You did make me laugh though, sorry!