Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quick update

The urologist came in this afternoon.    Seems the cat scan didn't show any new stones so we're dealing with another kidney infection.  So we continue IV antibiotics.  We have to figure out why this keeps happening. Tomorrow they are scheduling her for a test to see if her urine is backing up into her kidneys.  As long as the test comes out ok, she stays fever free and her bloodwork supports that she's improving we should be heading home tomorrow.

Earlier tonight she started complaining of more pain in different areas.  I couldn't help but get nervous because that is how her yeast infection started last time.  Hopefully it's nothing and the rest of the night is booooring.


Thia said...

Hugs. Can she take diflucan? One or two of those will help the yeast.

16 blessings'mom said...

Kim, boring can be good. Especially with Carrie's health these days. I had a nice little package snacks that Mirielle forgot to up to you. Hope you get home to day.