Saturday, October 13, 2012

Field Trip

I chaperoned my first field trip today.  It was a trip to the apple orchard with Danielle's class.   I was given 3 kids to take care of, Danielle, a little guy I know from church, Timmy and N.  Mrs G NOT take your eyes off of N for a second.   Oh great!  Within a minute of introducing myself to N her mother showed up to go with her so it was only Danielle and Timmy for me.   Easy Peasy.

Those kids...OMGoodness I just wanted to take them all home in my pocket!   Although on the way home I decided I didn't want to be a bus driver when I grew up.   The responsibility would weigh pretty heavily over me and those kids can get a bit crazy after being cooped up all day.  We had a lot of fun  and ate some yummy apples.  Timmy was a sweetheart as always and Danielle didn't want me to go home without her.   We were back before lunch and they had work to do so I promised I'd pick her and  Sean up at the end of the day.   So everything was good after that.

WHY do I have to make things so difficult for myself?   Tomorrow is a Dome day.  Oh well so much for not letting posts sit.   I wrote this on the 4th!    Not only did I do Dome day but have also done 2 more.  The One World Concert with the Dalai Lama was Tuesday and tonight was Orange Madness which is a pep rally for the men's and women's basketball teams.    

For some reason I've had very little sleep the last few days.

Tuesday...One World concert until 1am, got into bed after 3am
Wednesday...Up at 6:30am, into bed with the little ones at 8pm
Thursday...Up at 4am, into bed shortly before the following 4am
Friday...Up at 6:30am (Sean made sure of that), running errands all day, home at 2:15pm and into bed for half an hour nap, night at the dome and now here I sit (1:15am)

WHY!?!?!     I should be sleeping like a rock, yet I'm sitting here probably babbling unintelligibly while watching mythbusters on netflix with Jake.

I am sooo glad that there is nothing going on tomorrow and Val doesn't have to work.   I'm hoping both Danielle and Sean sleep in although I don't think Sean is capable.  I so wanted to keep them home with me today but then I remembered that I had running around to do.   Sean being up and attem before the sun helped decided to send them.   Plus it seems like they've missed a good bit of school.  They keep coming down with little illnesses.  Danielle had a fever all day and well into the night last Saturday.   They have sore throats and headaches.   I  finally took Jake into the dr's Wednesday since he was coughing constantly.   At the last second I decided to bring Carrie in  for a throat culture.   Then I ran home....grabbed Olivia, Danielle and Sean...headed back to the dr's and  had their throats swabbed too.  Yesterday the call came in, they all have the some germ that they COULD fight themselves but the dr is willing to treat.   Since it seems it's been ongoing for a while I decided to treat them all, except for Danielle....she's negative.   The dr wants to see Sean in 3 to 6wks to recheck his lungs and ears.   I'm ok with that because I wanted Sean's ears retested since he failed the hearing/tympanogram during his kindergarten checkup.  

Last weekend I had all these plans to get things done but manage to not get one single thing done.  Not this weekend, I just want to chill and have fun hanging out together.    Now were to do I hire a mom so I really can spend the day doing nothing?    I guess I should attempt to get into bed if I don't want to have to fight my eyelids all day tomorrow.   They're finally getting a bit heavy now.   NIGHT


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Thia said...

"Hire a mom," yes please! Everyone is taking their time waking up, but requiring me to jump up and get breakfast. There's that load of laundry that needs to be done pronto b/c of something we need for today...etc. Some mornings I just hate it and wish I could just turn them all off.
Hope everyone makes a quick recovery.