Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Aaaaand he's back!

Poor Tom!  He's back home already.   I was in the middle of reading the kids a bedtime story when he called and said he was almost home.   Seems the county decided to pull them after getting reports of workers getting food and urine thrown at them.   None of the workers that were there know what incident they are talking about.   They said most people were appreciative that they were there although there were a few bad apples.   I guess Tom's crew went to the NJ/Penn border and waited for the first crew to meet up with them.   It's all the information I have since I was asleep before he walked in the door and all we had time to say today was Good Morning, Try to have a good day and I love you.   I'm sure I'll hear more tonight when he gets home.  

Today is the rare occasion where I have the house totally to myself.   All the school kids are at school, Luke is housesitting for Pat and Alex who are due home tomorrow, Val is in Buffalo at a meeting for work and won't be back until this evening, and Drew, Allison and Meghan won't be moving back in from my parents' house until tomorrow.   So until noon when I have to go pick up Carrie from school....I am allllllll alone!   I am enjoying the silence at the moment.  It may start to drive me batty though soon.   What I really want to do is take a nap and get rid of this headache that's starting before it gets too big.  BUT this place is falling down around me and needs some TLC.   But first.....coffee!  

Can I just say......I am so glad that today is election day!   I am so sick of my phone ringing off the hook with  election related calls.   I was on the verge of burying the house phone in the backyard yesterday!  

A few of us have had some fun taking the Love Language Assessments .   It's the premise that people feel/show love in 5 different ways, some types are more fulfilling/stronger then others.  You take the assessment test of 20 or 30 questions and it lets you know which type you speak the best.  They are...
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Receiving Gifts
Acts of Service
Physical Touch
I wasn't surprised by mine....Physical Touch was the run away leader with 11pts, then Quality Time (7) and Acts of Service (6).  Words of Affirmation got 4pts and Receiving Gifts got 2.     Although I think I show love differently. In my mind how I show love would be Physical Touch, Acts of Service and then gifts.  Eileen was also strong in Physical Touch while Olivia was strong in Gifts.   I thought Olivia's would be Acts of Service, although it was her second strongest one.   Then again this is the girl who used ALL my Christmas wrapping paper to make people presents every day when she was 4yo.   Not only that what I'm viewing as acts of service (cleaning and helping)  could be seen as a gift too.    Can you take a guess as to which one I'm pretty sure is Tom's least strongest language?   Yep, Touch.   I know it and have for a long time......he'd rather use his actions or words.   It took a long time for me to figure it out and a lot of hurt feelings.  Even now I have to remind myself that it's just not on his radar to hug me out of the blue and to really appreciate it when he does.   Or to go ask him for one when I need it!   For him I think Acts of Service would be his highest with Words being second.  (he hasn't done the assessment...just my opinion)   Maybe I'll see if he's interested in taking the quiz tonight.  

Well this isn't getting anything done.   My bathrooms are screaming at me and the kitchen is threatening to relocate to the livingroom if things don't improve in there.   What I really want to do is go in my room, find some yarn and start crocheting my soon to be born grandson's shower gift!!! Hmmm what can I get done in the 45mins before I have to leave? 

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