Friday, January 25, 2013

What to do?

Since Christmas vacation has ended this little guy had given me problems. He doesn't want to go to school or he's sick every morning. Two mornings I've had to physically put him on the bus stairs after he tried to back down the driveway when the bus arrived. I did manage to bribe him to go every day one week with ice cream money at the end of the week (first time buying ice cream). It's not working now.

So today I'm trying the mean mommy routine. You stay home from school.... you don't get off the couch. It's hard since I'd rather snuggle, color, do puzzles and play legos with him. But I can't keep doing this every morning.... it's exhausting. Right now I'm not too sure how this plan is working out. I know there were a few times today that he wasn't too happy. But was it enough? Because I don't really see me getting much harsher.

His teacher and I talked a bit yesterday. I warned her he may be attending in his pajamas a time or two. Although I really don't see more doing that either... but you never know with this kid. What makes it especially hard is that I could care less if he went! I love having him home. But as I tell him... it's his job to go and my job to make sure he goes.

His teacher mentioned that he seems to be quite tired most days since having the flu at the beginning of December. Hearing that brought flashbacks of Carrie and her cancer diagnosis...I can't even let my mind wander there but a physical exam might not be a terrible thing either.

Well the kids will be home soon and I have to decide when Sean can stop being "sick" and start enjoying the weekend.

Sometimes being the mom sucks!

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~Tammy~ said...

Maybe you could homeschool him? even if just for the rest of this year. Next year, perhaps he would be more inclined to attend with his siblings?