Saturday, December 24, 2005


I feel like I'm back. I bought a new keyboard last night and can now type stressfree. Before, I had to hope that the old one didn't cause the computer to freeze up. Or die and make me have to use the onscreen keyboard which is VERY tedious to use. I've put everyone on alert. If ONE drop of liquid comes near my computer desk they are in trouble. I'm excluded of course. ;o)

I THINK I'm done shopping for Christmas. This morning I did remember I forgot to buy hot sauce for the chicken wings I'm bringing to BILs tonight. The good thing...Tom can run up to the village and buy it. Granted it'll cost 2 or 3 times what I'd have paid if I remembered it in the grocery store last night...but oh well.

I really didn't care to be out shopping last night. I'd hoped to be done and spend the night wrapping. Unfortunately money doesn't fall from the sky and I haven't been successful in growing my money tree. So I had to wait until yesterday for the money to arrive. I'm hoping to finish the wrapping (although I'm not optimistic) before we head over to BIL's house this afternoon. The kids will wrap stuff for BIL's house while I do their gifts for tomorrow. I'll probably wrap for my parent's house tomorrow morning after we open presents. LOL

My mall trip was unsettled a bit when I ran across a group of people I didn't want to. It left me a bit shaken and saddened. It's a great reminder that one stupid decision can really mess up things for a long time. Also that our actions do NOT only affect us, but many many people. Even more then we probably realize.

While shopping I really had to fight the urge not to buy ONE MORE thing for so and so. I am often labled the fairness queen and it plagues me this time of year. I'm so afraid someone is going to be offended because I didn't buy as many or spend as much as someone else. This is made more difficult with the huge age span of my kids. It's so easy to buy a lot of "cheap" things for the littler kids. The big ones it's easy to spend the $$ but not get a lot. I think Luke and Jake were the ones that got a bit shorted. Mostly because the girls have some clearance sale clothes I've put away. WHY are there never any decent boy's clothes on clearance?

So today's plan is....

Clean up the house a bit
hold my baby
Do laundry we need for tonight and tomorrow
feed my baby
Wrap presents
pass someone my baby
Make food for tonight
ask someone to PLEASE get the baby
Get everyone ready
dress the baby is some really cute clothes
Go to BILs
show off my baby

Come home and...

Finish wrapping
try to get baby to sleep
Put out presents
juggle baby
Fill stockings
pass off baby to Tom
Maybe get a few hours sleep
snuggle with my baby


So as you can see I really shouldn't be sitting here. Need to go wake the work crew. I hope that everyone has a happy and safe holiday!!! May all your wishes come true.

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