Thursday, January 05, 2006

I can access photos now

I finally found and installed a program on my computer to allow me to access my fuji camera. Now I can bore you all with pictures. I added a tree pic to my Christmas post below.

One I've been dying to share....DANIELLE!!!

Image hosted by

I have a sillier pic of her but I love this somber pic. She had been on the verge of tears before this was taken. Can't remember why.

Yesterday was her 4mo checkup. She now weighs 15lbs 2oz and is 24inches long. So growing like a weed. :o) She's quite the drooler and gets her clothes soaked all the time if she doesn't wear a bib. Based on the amount she was drooling, a diaper rash starting, the fact that she was starting to get stuffy again and her ears were a bit dull (but not infected)...the dr decided to take a throat culture. It came back positive for some germs but luckily not strep. She's starting an antibiotic.

Tomorrow morning bright and early Carrie is due to the lab. She needs to get fasting bloodwork done. It's to determine if she qualifies for a research study about treating children with type 2 diabetes. TODAY study If she qualifies she'll be one of three modification. This involves coaches to learn to eat better and exercise more. Continuing on the same course with only glucophage as a med. Or using glucophage and another oral med. The modifications would be the hardest for our TOK family. It would benefit EVERYONE though. They're all at a high risk of getting diabetes. So it might be the best group for her to be put in.

Her numbers have been so so in my eyes. I know there's room for tighter control. Not sure the glucophage alone can do it though. I'm also not sure the JC would think she needs such tight control. I want to see PERFECT numbers...not acceptable ones!

Time to get things ready for tomorrow and bedtime.


Anonymous said...

Kim - Danielle is just an absolute doll! I love reading about your family! ~~Pam (pamelamomofseven)

Melanie said...


I hope Carrie's appt goes well.

Jody said...

Oh!! She is so pretty!

Scooby said...

In light of National Delurking Week, I am here to say hi there! I do read your blog and my life is always a little more entertaining and blessed because of it!

aka Scooby at A Place to Grow

Your daughter is GORGEOUS! WAAA I want another one!

Paula said...

What a sweetie!

I know you're really swamped right now, and I hope things are getting better. But I"m tagging you for a meme!

truth said...

I couldn't remember if I had commented or not, but what a sweet baby! No wonder you haven't posted-I'd spend my time loving on that baby too, lol. Update when youcan. How is Carrie doing?