Monday, November 27, 2006

It's bazaar time again

This year none of us ladies at church signed up for a table at the school Christmas bazaar. We've had a table each year for about the last ten years. One of the ladies at church got a call from the organizer. It seems they have space available...were we interested? Today after the meeting we decided to go for it. I agreed to it figuring I had 13 days to get things done. I didn't realize that the first Saturday of December was THIS us 6 days to make things. YIKES!

Tonight I worked on fabric backed glass plates. 6 of them are drying now. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some sealer and finish them. I'm also hoping to get some of my lightbulb snowmen started tomorrow. I'd have worked on them tonight but everything is in my bedroom and Tom was in bed by the time I was ready to dig everthing out. Tuesday I'll probably make up a batch of gingerbread dough ornaments, dipping them in cinnamon wax Wednesday evening. On Friday I'll make up a bunch of the candy mugs.

I'm thinking of doing a bit of sewing this year. I have some funky fabric samples that I want to make into small purses. I'm also hoping to get some lap blankets made. I have some cheerful children's fabric that will do well with the fleece I bought this summer when Hancock Fabric was closing. Maybe even making a Christmas stocking or two. :o)

I'm looking for other things to do quickly. The girls have crafts on Friday and we thought it would be nice if they could do something simple and quick then. So I'm on a search for them.

Pregnancywise, all the kids know (Carrie was told today...she was gone this weekend). I told my mom on Saturday. She didn't say congrats and was a bit reserved. I'm sure she's probably thinking I'm getting old and chances are it'll be a m/c again. Was a bit hard to swallow though since she's the one of my parents that congratulates me and acts happy when she hears it. It also made me miss my MIL all that more. I can't call and tell her about it! :o(

I was EXHAUSTED this morning and thought...what a change since yesterday! Then about 2ish I started getting a headache and it hit me...I never had any coffee this morning before church. So I'm not sure what the exhaustion was from now. The need to snack often is here and I've had one brief episode of feeling icky. Unlike with Danielle's pg where m/s made me uneasy. I'm really hoping it shows up and lets me know I'm pregnant!


Heidi said...

Being exhausted was one of my first symptoms this time too… Hope you are well H&H9M…

O_Scientist said...

Tag! You're it!

Tagging you to share six weird things about yourself if you feel like it.

I shared mine at

Enjoy! (Or ignore if you'd rather do that :)