Thursday, July 19, 2007

There's no place like home

Now if I could only find a bit of time there, I might have a chance to get ready to have this baby. I spent Monday home but didn't feel so great, so nothing was accomplished. The baby was rolling and moving a LOT making me really sore. My hips were also killing me making walking difficult. For the first time I had started feeling like delivering this baby might be the best option. The feeling has gone away now though. lol

Tuesday we were suppose to go to baseball game for free. Without our van available (dealing with some DMV red tape) I spent most of my waking time trying to figure out driving arrangements and who was going. Our plans proved to be too difficult and were cancelled at the last minute. Lots of disappointed kids. I ended up taking a few kids into my mom's anyways. I also took the baby's clothes in and washed them while I was he now has clean clothes! One thing to scratch off my list. :o)

Wednesday I'd planned on tackling the house and getting off the list. As usual plans changed almost as soon as I got out of bed. Tom called and let me know that he was buying the car he'd planned on. He was taking a half day and we were heading into the city to register and pick it up. We were quite a bit aways from home when Tom realized he left the new car keys in his work truck at home, and it was locked. We were on the Thruway and couldn't turn around to get them. By the time we had the opportunity to do it we'd had other plans. Tom dropped me off at the DMV and went back home to get the keys. It was a good thing we went with plan B because as usual nothing was easy. My insurance card had the wrong VIN number on it and I had to have the insurance co fax the DMV a different one. I finished JUST before Tom got back with the keys...almost 2hrs later. We'd never have gotten the car registered, picked it up and got back home beore Pat needed us to (had to have the tercel to go to work). As it is I stayed in and visited my mom and my cousin (men were off golfing)

This isn't MY car specifically, but it's what mine looks like. It's a 1990 black Volvo wagon....

The ride is SMOOTH!

Today I have my 38wk dr appt at 10:30. I'm a bit nervous and don't seem to have any clean underthings, so will have to stop at the store on the way in. *blush* We'll talk about me being admitted on Monday! I'm kind of hoping that we might get to take a peek at his little one. It would be nice to know approx weight and what position he's in, especially after Monday's rolling around. After my appt I'm headed back into my mom's and a few of us are headed to the casino for the day. Tom says to consider this my vacation. LOL

I'm feeling a bit guilty for being gone so much. Climbing into bed last night I realized that Luke needs to have everything packed for a camping trip tomorrow morning! Of course he has to be in the EARLY group that's leaving around 9am, instead of the afternoon one. lol The poor kid doesn't even have any clean clothes. I'm not even positive what he has to bring besides his clothes. I should email M and see what he says.

I've already made plans for some of the kids to take a ride into my mom's tomorrow to have a last visit with my cousin and her kids. They aren't leaving until Saturday afternoon but I HAVE to stay home that day and get something done!! It's the only day free until Monday since I have the play on Sunday. (have to be back in the city by 2:30 Sunday)

I can't believe that I'm DAYS away from having this baby! It seems like summer vacation just started. Now I feel like it's almost done. If it wasn't for the new baby coming I'd be slightly depressed about July being almost over.

Edited to laundry situation isn't THAT desperate. After 2 kids looked and informed me there were none of my underclothes in the basket of whites. I forced myself down the cellar stairs and looked for myself. Found a few pairs. I couldn't figure out how I could be out of them already! lol So no need to stop at the store on the way into the dr's this morning...PHEW!

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