Monday, June 29, 2009

Well she's gone!

And I didn't even shed as many tears as I thought I would. I miss her already. :o( The hardest thing was watching her say good-bye to Danielle and Sean. Danielle's going to be lost without her best friend. So now I'll have to become one of those crazy facebook addicts and stalk her.

And now the next day....

Liz should be at her new place in Norway. They were due to arrive at 4AM. Or at least her temporary new place since I'm not sure if they have her permanent placement yet. I was laying in bed with Danielle this morning listening to her "dumb" dream (she meant bad) and I mentioned that Liz was at her new house. Laughing, Danielle insisted...NO! She missed her airplane and she's at her old house. She runned home! Danielle has actually been pretty good about all this. I know she misses her. I think it helps that she doesn't fully understand how long Liz will be gone.

Getting Liz packed took some doing. We rolled, we stuffed, we space bagged (thanks to Allison), we weighed, we tucked, we redistributed, we weighed, we ran to Walmart, we repacked and started all over again. Yep, at 12:30am I decided the broken zipper on the bag we'd borrowed from my parents was too hard to deal with and that she needed a new bag. That meant a run to Walmart with Michelle while Liz stayed here and did some things she needed to do. The new bag wasn't as deep as the original one but was bigger in size so it took some finangling. It also came with 4 other bags which proved to be nice as the carry on had a LOT more room then the backpack she originally was using. We were wishing there wasn't a 17 pound limit on carry ons since she had tons of room in that thing. I'm not really sure they're so picky on the carry on weight as they are with the checked baggage. Still we didn't want her to have any problems and have to decide what to dump (since her checked bags were JUST at the 50lb limit and had no extra room for things). I'm already starting a list of things to send to Liz when I can. I found at least 3 of the 4 socks she had in her carry on, so I'm guessing she has none in there now. Must've fallen out in the shuffle/repacking. Hopefully they didn't lose her luggage and she has her other ones.

LOL! I just got a text from the mom of one of the other girls traveling with Liz. Seems they already had a training class and are scheduled to start work tomorrow. Welcome to Norway (and the real world) girls!

Having only had a few hours of sleep I was exhausted Monday. Unfortunately life wouldn't stop or slow down for me. I took Luke over to school to sign up for summer school, he starts on Wednesday. Carrie and Sean had a 1:15 doctor appt. All I wanted to do was take a nap. Carrie begged me to cancel and it's all it took. I called and canceled. Then I took 2 naps. I also worked on my crochet which I've been dying to get to. On top of my naps, I dozed between stitches. Luckily Michelle had the day off and I didn't have to drive into the city (another reason canceling the dr appt was so easy).

Today is a more relaxing day. Drew is borrowing the van and taking Michelle to work so no going out the door for me. We have plans to do some things around here. Much to Liz's chagrin we are moving rooms around. Carrie doesn't need the huge upstairs room to herself so we're moving her into the little bedroom that's used for toys and the treadmill. Luke and Jake are moving out of the library and up into Carrie and Liz's old room. The toys, books and treadmill (and Liz's things) are moving into the library. Eileen and Olivia are staying put but they are getting their room painted. It's never been repainted before and I've been promising them it'd get done for way too long. So it's at the top of the todo list along with getting the pool swimmable again. It was neglected and turned into pea soup.

Well I'm NOT letting this sit around another day. So I'll end it while I can.

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