Friday, July 01, 2011

It's WHAT day?

Eileen and Olivia's room is now painted....2 coats. I just need to release and remove the painter's tape from the moulding and ceiling. Then we'll clean, organize and then mess it up again so we can lay the floor tiles.

When I finally came downstairs Tom was home. He asked me if I wanted to invite my parents out for tomorrow. I looked at him like he had 3 heads and asked WHY would we invite them out for Friday when you'll be working. He laughed at me and informed me that TODAY was actually Friday and he's now on vacaton. HUH!?! No it's not, it's Thursday. All along I've been planning on painting on Wed and Thurs, cleaning on Friday and having people over on Saturday. So it HAS to be Thursday. After finally accepting that it is indeed Friday I decided that there was no way I could get this place into liveable order, much less company order by tomorrow afternoon. I suggested we wait until next weekend when we can celebrate Tom's birthday. (the 11th), to which he agreed. YAY! I can now continue working around here, although I'm pretty stiff and slow moving at the moment. I'm afraid if I stop, I'll never finish any thing else. Especially when what I really want to do is go float around in the pool and relax. I'd probably drown if I tried to do it now, I'm so tired.

Although I'm bummed to have "lost" a day. I'm excited that Tom is now on vacation. He decided to take advantage of the long weekend and took the remainder of the week off. Not too shabby...using 4 days of vacation and getting 9 days in a row off. I'm sure most of it will be spent in the yard and garden but it's good to see him be able to relax for more then a few hours at a time.

As much as I'd love do nothing else but sit here and chat all night. I have to go pay attention to some little ones. Sean is acting up and made the comment earlier that he didn't get enough hugs today! Danielle strongly agreed. Can someone send the cleaning fairy....PLEEEEEEEASE!

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