Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh come on!

I went to bed with Sean and Danielle last night and now I'm up and it's only 2am!   It's going to be a looong day today whether  it's a busy one or not.   I guess I should've known my idea to sleep in and get 10 or 12 hours of sleep was a pipe dream.   My body (or is it my brain because it was going a mile a minute while I'm laying in bed tossing and turning) must hate me.  I don't know why I keep thinking it would be nice to sleep past 7am.   I know if I did then I'd feel like I'd wasted my morning (not that I don't anyways)....BUT it would be nice to do on occasion!

I've decided that pants are like socks and shoes...they give me the heebie-jeebies.  I haven't worn a pair of real pants in quite some time.   I've had sweat pants and currently own one pair which I am wearing at the moment.   But I haven't had pants and especially jeans since Val was a baby.   A friend of my mom's gave me a bag of clothes that didn't fit her anymore and there were a pair of nice black stretch denim jeans in it.  I figured it would be more practical to work around here and at the dome wearing jeans then a skirt, so I decided to give them a try.   They fit ok, I didn't need to suck in to button them (or lay down on the bed and wrestle the button into the button hole like I use to when I was a teen).  I didn't like the bumps and bulges that were very obvious with them on but that's reality.  I decided to wear them with a tunic that ended midthigh and concealed some of that reality and felt it didn't look bad after all.   So out the door I went to pick up Val and run through Wegman's for some milk and such.   OH MY GOODNESS!   By the time I was midway through the store my thighs were irritated beyond belief.  I couldn't wait to get home, rip them off and get my skirt back on.   I don't know if it was that my thighs were too big for the size or if it was because it was stretch denim and made to be snug or if it's just me being a freak.   I had a good giggle as I was changing, remembering my paternal grandmother.   She always wore skirts.  Her kids would buy her pant suits and such for Christmas and birthdays, trying to get her to "get more modern and practical".   She'd put them on but never keep them on long, complaining that they felt funny and were uncomfortable.  

This weekend is our church's fall conference.  Yesterday morning Luke, Jake and I worked the breakfast shift at the grill.  Olivia had spent the night at Della's so that left Eileen home with Danielle and Sean.   Tom dropped them off before the first morning meeting.  When Danielle walked into the kitchen I had a...your mother must be having a baby, on vacation, obviously not home moment.    Eileen couldn't find a brush so decided the next best thing would be to straighten Danielle's hair and finger comb it into some clips and a ponytail.   Now I admit I really really don't care for the straightened hair look on Danielle anyways.   But this....   Sorry Eileen I know you were trying.  The girl needed a brush and needed it bad!   I'm not sure what happened by the time I was finished in the kitchen but eventually her hair ended up down and looking a little better.   I had to take a picture and send it to Liz.

Then I had to send her one of Sean

I always forget that I have a camera on me at all times.   I was hoping I'd take more pictures with the excuse of forgetting my camera taken out of the equation but it hasn't happened.  I really have to try to remember more.  

Hmmm, just realized it was after 5 (got distracted) and I was feeling I could go for a nap.  That I had an hour until it was time to start getting the kids ready for school.  Then I's Sunday!  I could sleep in. LOL  Guess I'll try to lay down for a while.   See ya!

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Thia said...

What is this "sleeping in" thing? lol The kids stayed up a bit last night and I was going to bed too. My husband wanted me to stay up and watch something with him, saying the kids will sleep in. I knew better, but gave in. Yeah, they "slept in" until 7. Sigh.
I'd love to get out of my sweat pants, but that means I need to lose some weight. Consistent exercise seems impossible these days.