Monday, February 13, 2006

Busy with a side of cuddle

This weekend was productive even if you can't tell by walking in my front door. I'm bound and determined to get this place in ship shape condition before the kids start midwinter break on Saturday!

Yesterday I got so busy that I lost track of the time. Before I knew it there was half an hour until I needed to be at church and NO ONE was ready! I didn't even have anything completed to bring to the potluck. So we stayed home. The side of cuddle comes in when looking at how much time I spent with Danielle. The kids kept her pretty busy and were passing her around. I mainly took breaks and cuddled with her when she was hungry. I wouldn't feel very comfy doing that too often but every once in a while it's nice to be able to do it.

I did mostly normal upkeep stuff like bathrooms, dishes, and laundry. I was buried in laundry since I slacked off last week. We were this -><- close to running out of propane and couldn't get a delivery until the end of the week. They're weird and require you to pay your previous months bills before they'll bring you more. Knowing it'd be a few days until they'd get out here, I saved what little propane we had for our hot water useage. On Monday I had the kids pick out as many outfits as they needed for the week and washed ONLY that, including towels. I never got a load of white clothes in so some were scrounging for socks by the end of the week. Luckily they had a handy supply UNDER THEIR BEDS to dig through. I guess that explains why I could do 2 loads of whites one day and yet couldn't find certain kids a pair of socks the next day!

Yep, we started in on bedrooms. We'd have finished the little girls room if Liz was here but she was away at church for a young sister's weekend. By the way her mouth ran non-stop after she got was a GREAT weekend. LOL I couldn't work for long because my allergies started acting up. I probably should've just kept on going and figured I'd be sick for the next few days. If I don't want to be sick for the first weekend of Island week I'll have to work on MY room early in the week. Probably tomorrow. Especially since I have appts late in the day on Wed and Thurs.

Drew's car failed inspection last week so they worked on it this weekend. He just got back from getting it approved. Now there's nothing holding him back on finding a full-time job. RIGHT!?!?! Val was gone most of the weekend. Her boyfriend had a wrestling tournament in the Adirondacks (came in 5th) on Saturday and she went out to dinner with him and his family on Sunday. Today J is coming over after school so her and Val can get ready for Valentine's Day.

Hmmm...while writing about J coming over I asked Michelle what we should do for Valentine's Day. She said..."people are coming over". I guess THAT's why J is coming here. So her, Val and Michelle can get ready for their boyfriends to come over after school tomorrow. Not that I mind...they're all great kids. I just wasn't planning on it. I'm sure if I said I didn't know, Val would tell me exactly when she asked for them to be here. She has a way of asking/talking that leaves me clueless at times.

Carrie's lesson for the TODAY study went well on Friday. I was left wishing they went into more details about label reading, exchanges vs carb counts and mixing the protein with the carbs to keep your blood sugar on a more even keel. Maybe those are future lessons. I mentioned that her numbers were too high for my comfort level. They downloaded her meter and agreed. Her glucophage as been increased. It looks like it might be helping so far. I miss the tighter control and aggressiveness I felt I had with the insulin. I have a diabetic rant brewing but maybe I'll save it for another time. Like when I'm in a bad mood. LOL

Danielle is getting GRABBY! She's also realized what we're doing when we put food into our mouths. And she wants to do it too! Yesterday I ended up with my plate of spaghetti and meatballs in my lap. After Danielle failed to get it with her hand (but her sleeve was successful) she got it with her foot! It's a good thing she's cute! ;o)

One more week of school until midwinter break! I can't wait. They all cooperated this morning. I did hear a few...I don't feel goods. I "ignored" them and sent them off anyways. My luck I'll get a call from the nurse with a report that so and so barfed in class. lol They've always gotta find a way to make me look bad. ;o)

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