Thursday, February 23, 2006

Island Week!

It's been nonstop fun (and work). This place has been busy with people coming and going. I've been on my feet a LOT more then normal and for the most part I'm liking it. It started out interestingly and I have a HUUUUGE post waiting to be finished. Instead I'll do the condensed version so you'll all stay awake. ;o)


Island week started EARLY when 70+ mph winds decided to visit us early that morning.

1st trip kids stepped on the bus and our power went out!

2nd trip kids got ready and ended up dancing in the driveway. Originally it was because mom had the van door open and the radio blasting. Then it was because they announced XX school district was dismissing at 9am. That meant no school for those still at home. Those in school got back on the bus and had a 1.5hr ride to get home due to down trees.

Village got power back at 9:30am-10ish (almost as soon as the buses pulled out of the school parking lot)

Val brought over Br and Ch for the afternoon. We saved all the poor threatened food in the freezer. Mostly soft pretzels, chicken patties, strawberries and ice cream. The rest could melt for all we cared! ;o) I was thankful that my new stove was old school! Pilot lights are GREAT! Never could use the oven without power until now.

Val and Michelle went to Br's house for a few nights. She had electricity and a HOT TUB! Traders!

We joked that our Island week was starting in the Aleutian Islands.

Found out that church had power (2miles down the road). It seemed everyone but our little section of the road had power! Little kids went to church to do activities and spend 1.5 hrs in a modern facility.

Called customer service at 7pm to see is there was hope of getting power. CS person said...I hear little ones in the background. I suggest you make arrangements for the night, your power won't be back before morning.

I put on socks for the first time in a looong time and it drove my feet cRaZY!!!!!


CS was right, still off the grid at sunup. The next morning CS put a 6pm timeline on restoration.

I could be heard muttering...I'm going through withdrawal! All I need is to sit infront of the monitor and touch the keyboard...for just a second!

Also to be heard...go look it up! (and NOT just by me!) How did we live without google at our fingertips?

5:30pm...TADA! We have POWER! All is right with the world. call from BIL. They are taking MIL to the hospital again. She gets admitted.

Started reading the book "Christ the Lord" by Anne Rice


Michelle and Val get home, bringing along Br

Finished my book.

Spent the day catching up from not having power, doing laundry, and making decorations. (Monday is the main island day).

Went shopping for some last minute things and food. Cha-ching! $$$

Picked up BG on the way home so she could spend the night with Michelle, Val and Br.

Tom and Drew go up to visit MIL.


Need to take Drew and Liz to get passports. Island week report will have to be continued in a later post.

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