Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Where are the twins?!?!?

I could be heard frantically asking this question Monday night. Of course it was all in a dream...but it still left me upset when I awoke.

In my dream we had 2yo twin boys! It was open house at school and we all went. The place was packed. While trying to get up the stairs Carrie asked if she could take the boys ahead to meet her teacher. I agreed and off she went with a boy in each hand. Next thing I knew Carrie was walking back and was empty handed!!!

I started to panic and asked her where the boys were. She acted like I had 3 heads and said she didn't know what I was talking about. I then ran through the crowds and around the school searching for my twin boys. No one was helping or cooperating with me. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!

I then found myself in our house and still looking for the boys. Tom said they aren't here! I started walking out the door and Tom ran after me asking....Where are you going? I told him....I'm going to go look for my boys! Where else would I be going!?!? And I marched down the street with drink in hand. LOL This is where I woke up, totally frustrated.

I told Tom about my dream and he said...Maybe you had it because we DON'T have twin boys! I replied....maybe it's because I'm SUPPOSE to have twin boys and I'm the only one who knows it!!!

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cowmomba said...

Oh, Kim I can SO relate. When my oldest son was a newborn I woke one night and went to check on him. I woke my (now ex) husband just freaking out... Where was baby Jeremy? He was really wierded out that I "Knew" I had twins and one was missing.

The twins came along eventually, when my oldest was 16!

And also sort of wierd, I met later worked with a Jeremy that was exactly my oldest DS age, to the very day. I told him about my "missing" twin baby "Jeremy"... and 'adopted' him.