Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's in the eye of the beholder

I came home for an appointment on Friday and was told...I know what Dad bought you for Valentine's Day...and it's BEAUUUTIFUL!

I acknowledged her and went on my way. Valentine's Day morning rolls around and Eileen says...I know what Dad got you for Valentine's. It's really pretty'll LOVE it! It's so pretty.

Now I'm not getting really worked up. I know my girls. To them a cardboard picture of two teddy bears hugging could be classified as beautiful. LOL It did pique my curiosity though. It also let me know that Tom bought me something. So then I had to get him something (stupid holiday!!!) We were having a "celebration" in the evening with a night of food and treats. So Drew and I ran to the store. I ended up grabbing a mylar balloon for Tom at the $1 store. They didn't have what I wanted...a rain guage and outdoor thermometer.

Tom arrived home with a potted plant behind his back. They were really interesting looking, not even sure what they are exactly. I knew this wasn't what Eileen had been talking about so joked...where's my beautiful present? Tom seemed perplexed until Eileen informed him...I didn't tell Daddy! He then left and came back with this....

Incase you can't see the picture well. It was a Russell Stover Heart Shaped box of chocolates. Complete with red cellophane wrap and cardboard ribbon. ROFL!!! What a beauty! Eileen kept saying...SEE Mommy! Isn't pretty!?! I agreed and then made her day when I told her she could open it and have some.

I thought back to last Valetine's Day when I was FURIOUS that Tom bought me a heart filled with chocolates. I couldn't believe that someone would buy a diabetic pg woman chocolates and it bothered me. This year I just passed it onto the kids. LOL


truth said...

Oh Kim, aren't kids just so simple-minded in the things of beauty, lol? Oh, I so know the whole excited feelings that come when one of the kids hints at a secret. And it grows and grows until you can't help but be disappointed. So good we can laugh about them.

Lisa said...

Do our dh's know one another? Unrelated to V Day, yesterday dh brought me home a new scale and two danish. Talk about mixed messages.