Friday, March 24, 2006

It's CrAzY in here I tell ya!

Again I've started and deleted a lot of updates in the last few weeks. Hopefully this one will finally make it to the end. I don't know where to begin!!!!

After spending the evening with a charming tech guy from my Internet provider we determined my computer was corrupt. That meant reformatting and updating my computer. Stupid dialup took over TEN hours to download microsoft updates for my system. It's amazing how much easier things are when you're prepared for it and have all the drivers/programs you need at hand. Unlike last time. I wish someone would create a way to reformat my house...short of a bulldozer.

Tom's been pulled in a zillion directions. He just finished up a course for work that had him studying/working for hours...especially on weekends. His mom was readmitted to the hospital on Wednesday. I'm not sure how long she'll be there...hopefully she'll be home this weekend. His dad is still inpatient and getting chemo for his AML. (luckily they are in the same hospital so it makes visiting them easier) I haven't been up to see him personally but drill Tom after each visit. Tom tries to go up every other day or he's not home a lot right now. The good news is that his dad's bone marrow came back CLEAN!!!! He's in remission!!! Wooohooo! The plan for now is to go 10 days between treatments. I would hope that he'd be discharged for those 10 days but right now I think his counts are too low for that to happen.

For the first time in his life Tom is talking about quitting smoking. He smokes outside so I don't know how much he smokes. I know that he used to smoke 1.5 packs a day. He's cutting down and has been successful at it. I guess he talked with Drew yesterday and told him he has a box of nicotine patches that are Step 2 of the program (for those that smoke 10 or less a day). He's aiming to get to under 10 a day and then start the patches.

Carrie and I have been busy going to the lessons for the TODAY study. We finished up the LAST one this week!!! We now get a 2wk break but during that time Carrie has to track her food along with her blood sugar numbers and meds. When we return in 2wks she'll have blood drawn that will show whether we qualify to continue in the study (they're pretty sure she will). After the bloodwork show's we're good to go we'll then have an ALL day visit. She'll go through a GTT (glucose tolerance test), physical, ride a bike (not sure what they're testing with this though). We'll find out which arm of the study we'll be entered into (glucophage, glucophage and an additional med, glucophage with a coach who'll do lifestyle changes...exercise and diet) It's a random blind study...meaning a computer will decide which group we go in and no one will know which one we're in (unless we're given a coach..that one is hard to hide lol). Our educator asked if I was hoping to get into the coach arm of ths study. I told her yes and no. That I know it would be most beneficial for the WHOLE family but it would be the hardest to do...especially with the size of my family. It also means having to go to the clinic every week or two instead of once every two months. I'm sure it means more paperwork too (probably have to report diet and exercise amts)

Illnesswise we've been ok until last week. We now have had lice, horrid colds along with postive throat cultures A strep and pneummococcal. I caught the lice quickly and it seems to be taken care of. It's just a lot of initial work!!! I'll use this weekend to make SURE it is, I don't want to have to do EVERYTHING all over again. Luckily I found them over the weekend so no school was missed. Liz is the one with the positive culture and tested positive for BOTH. She was feeling pretty sick. I'm hoping she's been able to keep it to herself.

Danielle is getting so big! She has a tooth and she knows how to use it. Luckily she hasn't used it while nursing yet but show her food and she thinks it's HER'S! Tom was lounging on the loveseat the other night. He had Danielle on one side and was holding a piece of pizza with the other. As he put the pizza to his mouth, Danielle lunged across his chest, clamped on a corner of the pizza and started gnawing away. Tom was so shocked he didn't quite know what to do, so she enjoyed it for a bit. LOL She's having fun trying lots of different things...whether she's suppose to be trying them or not. ;o)

And finally, me. I'm doing ok. I've been getting some extra things done which is nice. Even with that happening though I feel like I may be in a bit of a funk. I know that I'm sitting here WAY more then I should or need to. There's so much I want to get done....yet I don't seem to get started on it. It drives me crazy!!! I've asked the kids to get the house in order. It's all I want for my birthday. Hopefully it'll happen this weekend. I'm not gaining anymore weight which is good. I'm not losing what I have gained either. Not that I should expect it since I'm not eating on plan. I guess I want the fat fairy to come and just remove it for me. LOL I have high hopes of getting back on track. Today has started off to a good start. Now to just have it continue until the end of the night.

Baby octopus is saying...Pay attention to me...Oh pretty keys!...No FULL attention!...Must get the keys and make mommy backspace over and over. So on that note....See ya!

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