Tuesday, November 14, 2006

As life would have it...

I've got the goods but can't use them! DSL isn't worth a lick if you don't have the time to sit down and click or type. Life has been insanely crazy here. ATM I'm dealing with the loss of my maternal grandmother this weekend. :o( She passed away quietly in her livingroom chair after having her coffee and toast Saturday morning. They found her late Saturday night after my aunt from VA couldn't get ahold of her all day by phone. Danielle and I spent all day Sunday at my mom's house with people coming and going. My mom is the oldest of 4....My mom and her baby brother are local, sister in Virginia, brother in Tennesse. My uncle came in Sunday afternoon, my aunt will be here Tues night.

My grandma didn't want a wake so we're having a private service on Wednesday night. It'll be a late night since we'll go to my parents' house afterwards. Luckily most of the kids have a half day of school so I'm not sweating them getting up in the morning. Liz and Val have a full day though so they'll have to as will the college kids.

Today on the way home from Michelle's classes I stopped and ordered two sets of flowers. I hate making decisions for a group of people! I know I'm not going to please everyone and it bugs me. I had to order one from the grandkids (there's 10 of us (I'm the oldest)...3, 3, 2 and 2) and another from the great-grandkids (16, all my mom's grandkids, 11 of them are mine lol). It's an interesting makeup with the grandkids. My mom and aunt both had 3 and we're similar in ages, my aunt's being a tiny bit younger then us. Then my uncles each had 2 and they are similar in age to my older kids. So while we've done things with them, we haven't been pals. Although my kids IM them once in a while and keep me up to date on what they're up to. lol

I felt like a heel waiting to hear when services would be. I just don't have time for a funeral! And of course life isn't going to slow down or stop even if I wanted it with all my heart. (the continuing pulse is a good thing though). A prime example of how things have been around here...

I found out at 8:30 this morning that Val needed to have a test done. I asked the receptionist is she could schedule it for 1:38 tomorrow afternoon. Oh yeah, it would be nice if it was over with by 1:40. lol She called me back 15mins later and told me her appt was at 10! ARGH! Oh well, breakfast/coffee is highly overrated.

As usual things worked out ok and I knew they would for the funeral. At least for me, I know my sister has to reschedule one parent/teacher conference that was set for Wed night. Luckily I have all 5 of mine on Thursday afternoon. Especially since I managed to schedule Carrie's all day TODAY clinic appt for Friday which was the other day (and the little kids have off, not the highschoolers). I told Val if she needs more tests or dr appts she'll have to wait until next week.

What's up with Val? She's been having on and off back pain in the kidney area since she passes a kidney stone in Mar '05. 2 or 3 wks ago the pain become a constant dull ache with frequent sharp episodes. I got her into the urologist last Friday. Her blood pressure was up, her output is weird, her culture came back negative for UTI. So today we had to do a renal u/s and more bloodwork. I'm hoping to hear on it in the morning. I'm a bit worried this might put a damper on her volleyball season which just started last week. She's a bit more optimistic.

Carrie is plugging along. She's complained that her knee with no bump hurts and I ran her into the ped's office QUICK! He thinks she just strained it. With this freaking lump growth thing, I didn't want to take any chances. I certainly didn't feel comfy waiting until her speicialist appt on Dec 1st. So we're in wait and see mode with that right now.

Me, I'm beating myself up. I'm eating for comfort/stress relief and don't even know it! I weigh just about what I did at the end of Danielle's pregnancy. (which was actually lower then my all time high, where I started the pregnancy at). I've also been pretty bad bout remembering my meds. I jumped on the machine at WM this week and saw a 15X/103 reading. :o( The little girls noticed my pill box hadn't or couldn't have been touched and were on my case about it. I have NO idea why I'm sabotaging myself like this. It's not like I want to die. I have too much going on to do that. ;o) How hypocritical of me....to be on Carrie's case about testing her sugar and not forgetting her meds.

Danielle is getting cuter by the second. She's turned into a little monkey and copies everything and everyone. She's a jabber but doesn't have tons of words. She still manages to get her point across to everyone well. She's keeping me busy with her exploring and getting into everything. I'm too tired to gush anymore about her so I'll save it for a later date (and shorter post). I will include a picture of her someone sent us. It was taken at our church harvest feast the Sunday before Halloween.


Solomon & Malachi said...

I haven't met you in person but I can tell how wild you are about your kiddos - take care of their Mama! Remember those meds!!

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry about your grandmother. Also stinks that you are so busy. And TAKE YOUR MEDS! The whole thing falls apart without mom!