Sunday, November 19, 2006

Update....tired rambling may ensue

Thanks for all the hugs and such over my grandmother's passing. We're all doing well but I think we're still in survival/shocked mode also. Tomorrow (Sunday) will most likely be a hard day. Tom, Drew and I are headed to her apartment with my parents. We're packing up all her stuff and storing it in my parents' basement. There's tons of stuff to go through and pack up. I know it's going to be really hard for my mom. I feel like it's too soon but everything needs to be out of there by the 27th.

This lack of online time is really bugging me! I want to be able to just sit and surf all day! On Tuesday I usually have the computer no matter who's using it (unless it's a school assignment). It's just a given....Tues night...TOK chat time for mom! I was SICK with a major headache!!!!! So sick I spent most of the day in bed, sleeping. I'd planned on going to my mom's to visit my family from out of town but couldn't do it. It's the last thing they needed was to be dealing with an illness ontop of grieving too. In my weakened state I totally forgot it was Tuesday and I had chat. I couldn't have tolerated the brightness of the monitor anyways.

The headache was mostly gone by Wednesday morning. I was really worried that I'd be too sick to attend the service for my grandmother. But I did, and we made it on time, although it was pretty tight timewise. Tom totally underestimates the amount of time it takes to get on the other side of the city from here. There wasn't enough room for all of us to be seated in the viewing room. Some of the younger kids sat in an adjoining room. Danielle wanted to nurse so I stood in the other room with the kids and nursed her. I could look across the hall and see everything better then if I was sitting in my seat.

After the service we headed to my parents'. I'd given Allison a list of things that I wanted them to do to set up. When I informed my dad that they were immediately leaving the service to go set up he told me my brother was doing it. OK. Well he started. Guess who had to finish. I busted my rump getting and keeping everything in order/filled. Luckily my nieces love holding and watching Danielle so I didn't have to worry about her. :o)

Thursday was parent/teacher of all joys! Actually they didn't end up being half bad. Eileen's teacher had been out sick with the stomach bug all week. She called and rescheduled for this Tuesday afternoon. With that conference gone it allowed me to get out of school half an hour early. Luckily Olivia's teacher (last conference) was available early for me to talk to or I'd have had to wait. If Luke continues playing his homework games I might find myself a bit more compture time....since he'll be GROUNDED off of it! LOL

Friday found Carrie and I gone from 8:30am until 3pm at her TODAY clinic appointment. It's what they call a supervisit. She does fasting bloodwork, a glucose tolerance test (GTT), physical test on a bike and gets a DEXA x-ray (full body) ontop of answering lots of surveys and filling out tons of forms. Everyone there tries to make it as easy for us as they can. Danielle wasn't feeling so great so made it difficult at times. Poor Carrie the GTT totally wiped her out. I couldn't believe the difference in how she was. One second talking and smiling, the next half asleep, in a stupor and on the verge of crying. It effected her the whole day. I've never heard how her numbers are during that but I'd love to find out. We stopped by my parents' so I could see how my mom was faring. We didn't stay too long since the kids needed to be a kids crafts at church after dinner.

After the kids got back from church Tom decided he'd watch Danielle. It was my turn to go watch Drew perform at a local bar. Other then the fact that it was my son performing, I had NO desire to go but I went anyways. Pat drove so I could have a drink or two which was nice. They put on a great show! I got to see Drew sing 2 songs I've never seen before, both Collective Soul songs. After we left the bar we went to a local diner where I had a nice juicy burger and fries! YUM!

Tom had ulterior motives for staying home. He was planning on going hunting at teh crack of dawn. The guy got his sportsman license for the first time in quite a few years. He came back empty handed but saw a few deer. He might've taken a shot if he had a doe permit but he doesn't. I'm not sure if he's planning on going out before we leave tomorrow or not.

Today I was planning on getting tons done around here but managed to do very little. I just needed a slow no stress day. Cleaned bedrooms are highly overrated anyways. lol I was so lax that I failed to help Jake bake the pumpkin muffins for his Native American project. (yep the same ones I mentioned making with Carrie for her project 2yrs ago) I wanted to get it done today so I wouldn't have to worry about getting it done before leaving tomorrow. So now I have to squeeze that in before I walk out the door at 10am. Shouldn't take too long. (I know, famous last words!)

The kids only have 2 days of school this week. I SO wish they could have the whole week off! It seems like a waste of a week to only go for 2 days! LOL Doesn't help that mom doesn't want to get laundry done so they'll have clean clothes. Mt Washmore isn't at the screaming WASH ME NOW! phase yet. ;o)

OK...enough rambling for now. Need to get to bed!


julie said...

I enjoy reading your blog. You have a very special family. So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Their is nothing more stressful than a death in the family. Take a few days off, the laundry will still be waiting for you (unfortunately).

Lori said...