Friday, November 03, 2006

Look at me!

I'm faster then a speeding bullet! Able to leap tall videos in a single click. My new best friend from the telephone company came by today and hooked us up big time. YEAH DSL! I can now see all the graphics, videos and sounds that I've been missing all these years.

We've already been by youtube to watch a few videos including this wiggles video.

I'm also enjoying my brand spankin' new computer. The deal was too hard to pass up. Get superfast internet (1mbps) with a new computer for $20 more a month then what I was paying for a second phone line and dial up (24kbps). Even if I figure it was just for the computer...where am I going to get a new one of those for $240? (2yr commitment required)

Our livingroom now looks like a computer lab. On the coffee table behind me are my and Allison's computers. Unfortunately it means that wires are all over the place. Eventually we'll be wireless but for now we're all willing to live with the mess.

This whole week has been busy. On Tuesday I picked up the school kids after their parades and parties and headed to my parents' house. I'd bought a bunch of lunchmeat so we could have subs. YUM! I had Val, Janna, Luke, Carrie, Jake, Eileen, Olivia and Danielle. My sister had her 2 youngest. My brother had his 2 kids. One of Tom's brother had 1. We made quite a group but it was fun. We traveled the mile around my parents' block, hit the firebarn for cider and donuts and then back to my parents'. Total time....1hr. Total candy...just enough.

Monday night Carrie complained that her arm hurt and it had a bump on it. She'd shown me a "bug bite" earlier. I told her it was fine and to go to bed. Tuesday she complained and showed it to me again. This time I really looked at it. It wasn't a was a BUMP! Her whole upper arm was huge. She looked like she'd gotten a shot recently, or was on steriods. OOPS! Guess I shouldn't have blown it off the night before.

I took her to the dr's on Wednesday morning. We were there for about 2.5hrs. She was sent off for x-rays and then bloodwork while we waited for the x-ray report. The dr wanted to check for relapse or secondary cancer without coming right out and saying it in front of Carrie. I was getting nervous when the nurses started being really social with us in the waiting room. Her counts were fine! The nurses were just bored during their lunch hour. lol Unfortunately the x-ray showed the bump is calcified/solid like the bruise on her knee. Unlike the knee we have no idea where the shoulder bump came from. "S" at the KNOT (long term cancer survivors) clinic mentioned something about growths post transplant. So now I'm wondering. We're waiting on a referral to a specialists.

This morning I got a phone call from the TODAY study coordinator. Seems I forgot Carrie's ALL day (need to be fasting) appointment today. *blush* I HATE when that happens! I didn't put it into my calendar/planner because it's written on her log book which theoretically we should be updating everyday. Early this morning I had the thought...I have to check Carrie's logbook and see when her next appointment is. I thought it was in the beginning of December. We've rescheduled it for the 17th.

Pat had orientation at his new job this afternoon. :oD I haven't talked to him yet so not sure how it went. This weekend looks be busy with 2 birthday from 12-4. The other one is an overnighter at a local hotel. My sister invited me to bring the girls Liz age on down. I haven't decided if I'll go yet. Oh yeah and there's pie baking too, don't think we'll make that at all. On Sunday I'm thinking of going to an auction of a furniture store's overstock. What I really need to do is stay home and do some WORK! (or surf on my new computer lol)


hope4grace said...

Okay, I have to stop lurking and check on you! Hope things are okay, I miss your updates!

Holly said...

So your internet connection is so fast that all you do is surf now instead of writing on your blog???? Whats up already???? LOL!