Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A little housekeeping

I've been wanting to update my blog for some time now. It's nice to get it done and off my mind. It's amazing how much energy a thought can suck out of you. Makes me want to dust off and revamp my food blog now. It's always something.

The girls have recouperated well from the flu. I know my sister's youngest ended up with it too. I'm not sure how her other two girls fared. Sean seems to have avoided getting it (unless this is what he had while admitted to the hospital...but he tested neg for influenza). I've been fighting something in my chest. While it's irritating it hasn't gone into something that slows me down. Unfortunately Luke and Jake are not feeling well now (as of last night). Nothing like being sick during vacation. What makes it worse is that it's Island Week. What makes it doubly worse is that we reserved 3 hotel rooms in Niagara Falls, Canada for 2 nights, starting on Thurs...including admission into an indoor waterpark. We have my BIL to thank for the trip, he's paying for most of the bill.

This week is our school's mid-winter break. Those of you who've been around here a while will realize what that means....ISLAND WEEK!!! Yep, it's our 4th annual Island week. This year hasn't been as packed full of plans as past years. I figure actually hanging out in 84degree temperatures in the middle of February is more island like then chicken kabobs (and I might get to making those still. We've been going like gangbusters on decorations though. There's talk of some of them following us to our hotel rooms. lol I'm hoping to have pictures up soon.

We're probably going to bring most of our food (hotel has breakfast covered). I'm thinking we'll probably buy lunch on Thurs and dinner on Fri. I'm a little stuck on what to bring/make (nothing to cook with) for lunch on Friday. It's lent and someone who's going with us is Catholic so that excludes most subs. If anyone has any ideas before tomorrow night when I'll be grocery shopping....leave me a comment and let me know!!!

On Friday I had Val back into the dr's. She'd been nauseated/vomiting and having constant headaches for about 3wks. The dr put her on blood pressure medicine. (listed also as preventing migraines) My first thought was...that's ridiculous!!!! But then thinking back, it makes sense. Her pressure has been high for a while now. We've always given excuses why it was up....she was in pain, she was sick, etc. There's no excuse now and it's still the same. Monday she had a GYN visit and they just as shocked to hear what meds she was taking. They looked back at her July visit though and yep, her pressure was up even then. Amazingly she hasn't had a headache since the day after starting her med. So she's happy. She'd due back to the dr on March 11th when I bring Sean in for his next well child check. By then Val will be a legal adult since her birthday is the 9th. :o)

Sean is growing so quickly. His first tooth made an appearance last week. (Can I just say...OUCH!!!) His newest trick happens while he's sitting on the floor, which he loves to do. He takes both his hands, puts them betweens his legs and pushes himself backwards across the floor. It's adorable! He hasn't figured out that he can get places by doing it but it's still helping him get into things. Might not be what he intended to get into (aiming for somewhere in front of him) but it works nonetheless. I'm still not finding much time with my hands free. Seems he loves sleeping in my arms or on my lap. Not so in our bed. As soon as I try to lay him down he's done! My typing skills don't fare too well with him awake since nothing is safe if it's within an arm or leg's distance from him. (hard to type on a flying keyboard lol) As a matter of fact, he just woke up and is "telling" me to wrap up my time here.

I hope to have lots of good and fun things to share about our trip over the border when I get back...including pictures.


Mrs Marcos said...

Fridays during lent = tuna sandwiches...I think that is in the Bible somewhere :)

Our family had Salmon patties which turns my stomach just thinking about it.

Dot said...

Tuna sandwiches sounds like a great idea. You can even put it in sub buns and also serve subs too! I was thinking taco dip for a side (no meat in it). My taco dip is extremely easy to make, the kids like it too!!

Have fun, can't wait to see the pictures!!


Mirz said...

Love the new look of your blog! Hope your trip is/was great!

BTW, veggie subs (or cheese subs) are awesome for Lent. ;o)