Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hot and Muggy with a chance of melting

I can't complain too much since we've been waiting for the hot summer weather all summer but...IT IS HOT out there! And wouldn't you know it, my pool has perfect timing and has decided it wants to be green. I think it was hit by lightning during an intense storm a week or so ago. Every time you plug the filter in it blows the breaker. Tom threw in 4 gallons of liquid bleach to see if things would clear up enough to use it. It's still a deep dark green. Totally we sweat and melt with the rest of the state. At least the kids aren't in school already like some areas are. That would be unbearable!

I've been crocheting a lot. We're having a baby shower for 3 of my nieces who are due within a week or two of each other. I'm trying to make some things. I'd be fine and done with the major presents if I could let myself be satisfied with what I've made already...but I can't. One thing is definitely too small. Another is smaller then I'd like, so I'm making more. I have about 5 projects started that could be used for presents. Thing is, I'll probably only end up giving them the big things I'm working on.

I'm not really sure why I've latched onto crocheting like I have. I figured I'd do it a while, buy too many supplies and they'd sit there. I figured when it got hot out I wouldn't want to work on things. I know my MIL didn't like crocheting in the heat. I think part of why I do it is that it's a connection to my MIL. While working on things I talk to her, think of things she's made, yarn she's worked with, etc. I'd like to make up something small for each of Tom's siblings incorporating the yarn and few granny squares I have that were MIL's. Then again I have tons of ideas and plans and not enough time.

One thing I was hoping was that keeping my hands and lap busy would discourage Sean from wanting to nurse. Instead it's the opposite. I'm sitting and stationary so therefore I must want to nurse. It's driving me crazy and I find I can become easily frustrated with him! I keep trying to remind myself that my job is to take care of him, not do what I want to do, when I want to do it. This is just a short phase in his life and when it's's done for me for good. So I should be trying to enjoy it while I can.

We've been really light on kids here. Carrie and Eileen went to a friend's camp, Danielle and Olivia went to my sister's, Jake has been to a few different places and Luke is at my BIL's house. Friday night we had Michelle, Luke and Sean home. Saturday night it was Michelle, Carrie and Sean. Friday night Tom went to bed early so that shot that night. Saturday night him and I got some time to talk. He made a fire and we sat out on the back patio with some music and beers. Oh yeah, can't forget..and the MOSQUITOS! It was nice but I finally put an end to it due to being one big mosquito bite. It made me look forward to Tom retiring. It's still 4 (at the least) or more likely 10 years away but until then I can dream. I know people say...just wait, you'll wish he was back at work. And I'm sure there will be times that I do. Thing is, I hate to see him go to work everyday. I wish he could be lucky like me and stay home. He works so hard, I can't wait until he can slow down and enjoy life a bit more.

Sean had us laughing hysterically on Saturday. With no one to play with, he'd been exploring and into things. He was also in our faces trying to get us to pay attention. Tom told him to quit being destructive. I told Tom he was just bored and was trying to get some attention. Tom said, no he's being destructive. Sean was standing in front of me, he turned to Tom who was standing in the front door and says very loudly...I'M BORED! I'm pretty sure he had NO idea what he just said but it was the perfect retort (albeit if he wasn't 2, he'd have been in trouble for being mouthy).

The girls (came home with my niece Emily) are setting up beds on the living room floor since their room is so unbearable. We've decided to have a movie night and they're waiting for me so they can put in the Transformers dvd.

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