Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let the vacation begin!

Luke is done with summer school! I feel safe to say that he will NOT be doing that again if he can help it. I know he needed it in English and I'm worried about how this coming year is going to go for's 11th grade, the year of the English regents and tons of writing...his arch nemesis. I asked him yesterday if there were things they did in summer school that he felt would help and we could ask for. I know they were listening to the stories on tape as they were reading them. But his reading problems aren't a disability now, he just doesn't like to do he'll slog through and I'll keep on him as usual. He also dictated some of his writing assignments which is where his main disability lies. He LOVED that. We've talked about going that route at his IEP meetings but him and I both agree he has to write or learn the keyboard himself. I do wonder though if it would be easier for him to get it on paper if he dictated to himself first. So I may be looking at getting him a little recorder or such.

I thought that since I didn't have to be out the door at 6:55, I could sleep in this morning. Unfortuntely Oreo had other thoughts. Tom got up and I rolled over only to have to get up and shush up the dog. He was barking up a storm. Seems he's not so hot on change in his routine and he wanted our one on one time whether I was tired or not. I did manage to get him to stop barking and lay down before Sean woke up too much. Luckily it didn't take much to get Sean back to sleep. PHEW! I'd had a killer headache before going to bed last night and I was still feeling it a bit so REALLY wanted to stay in bed. Luckily it's down to a dull roar right now.

Last night was a bust for dinner. When the garden is producing like gangbusters we have an all veggie dinner every once in a while. Last night was suppose to be one of those nights with cucumbers and dip, green beans and zucchini. Well the zucchini have decided they don't want to drown us in produce anymore and have sloooowed way down so no zucchini. I cut up cucumbers, almost one a piece and they were huge. I figured with all those cucumbers and an 8qt pot of green beans waiting to be cooked, we'd still be ok. If they were still hungry they could make ham and cheese sandwiches. So I turned on the green beans, stirred them a few times and then went out back with Oreo and his brush. I'd noticed some clumps on him and it was bugging me so I figured a quick brush would be ok. I guess quick is a relative term because as I was brushing him out, the green beans were on the stove BURNING! UGH! So at 7pm I was left with trying to figure out what we were eating for dinner besides cucumbers. Luckily we had some frozen burgers.

Yesterday Jake and Danielle had well child checkups. As seems to happen quite a bit it fell on a day that Michelle had off. That means running into the city when I didn't really need to. We decided to make the best of it and do some school shopping before we had to be home to pick up Luke from school at 2. The question was were to go...there was suggestions of the outlet mall (too far away and not enough time), the regular mall (not a place I want to go with 2 wandering preschoolers and there's not much in there for my kids, much less cheap stuff), the salvation army and rescue mission store (yeah, but I'd like to find some sneaks for Jake who is only down to a pair of sandals need new things). Finally I decided we'd go to Kohl's and see what they had. It's a store I rarely go to. They're a bit pricey for me, even their clearance stuff at 80 or 90% off can be above the "limits" of what I want to spend on things. Then again they do have nicer things at those higher end but reasonable prices. The kids kept asking why they couldn't look at jeans since they were buy one get one free. Until I pointed out that the one pair would cost $36-48! They finally got that it's directly to the clearance racks in each department. I managed to find Jake a pair of dockers and the much needed sneakers...and they were only $13! Olivia found some sneakers too which Eileen really liked but they didn't have her size. According to my receipt, I saved over $300! Too bad it cost over $100 to do it. lol

Poor Jake! He received $20 for his birthday last week. It's not often that he has his own money so it was pretty special. He found something he wanted to buy with his money (and I was trying to talk him out was blo pens set..ick!). When he reached into his pocket to wave HIS $20 at me to try and win the discussion, he found was GONE! He'd lost it! Him and Eileen went running back to all the spots he'd been (dressing room, shoe department, sitting near the clearance rack of the junior department, drooling over the DS games, and the toy section. No luck. We walked back the way we went through the store and hoped that it was in the bottom of one of the carts, but no luck again. He took it pretty well although I'm sure he wanted to cry. I was thinking I had cash in my wallet and would surprise him with $20 after we got into the car, until I realized it I broke the $20 the day before. It goes so fast.

Today we're heading to the thrift stores and walmart after we pick up Michelle from work. I'm dreading it already but know that it'll be fine once we're done and out of there. Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and find exactly what we need. It'd just be a whole lot easier if Mr Man wasn't such a pain to keep in the cart. It's hit me a lot lately that before I know it, things should be getting easier. It's not in a...I wish it would hurry up and get here way. I really don't want to rush Sean and Danielle growing up (although they are doing a good job of rushing it themselves). It's just a fact of life way. Who knows though, by the time things get easier with those two, I might have grandbabies to deal with too. lol

So today is slated to be a going through the clothes day. I hope to be merciless. I thought to make a huge bucket of spray and wash and throw the things we just can't part with but aren't in great shape in there and see if we can save anything. I bought some totes so I can organize saved clothes for Danielle and Sean. My room is full of diaper boxes. I've already condensed 3 of them full of yarn into 2 totes. Tom was getting sick of finding yarn everywhere he turned. :o)

So now I'm off to Eileen's and Olivia's room.

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