Monday, August 09, 2010

Hot and humid again

It's that time of the year where I start looking around and seeing all the things that need to be done around here...painting, new cabinets, floors, etc. It can get downright depressing if I let it. Right now my main thing is our sectional. Drew got it off the side of the road and at the wasn't bad. Yeah the feet of the recliners were hard to use and didn't go down easily. But what we had before that made this one look brand new. Now the recliner feet are permanently stuck out, the front panel keeps falling off the non recliner/sleeper section and with the muggy smells a bit sour. I saw a sectional at Big Lots that I liked and would be perfect in here. The pieces were $250 each. I could buy one with cash and the other...well I would have to use plastic. Tom's thing lately has been to get everything paid off and he just can't agree to me using a card. I understand. BUT it would look SO much better in here!!!! We'd have more room and more sitting area. It would be easier to clean in here, etc, etc. It's enough to make me want to throw a pity party for myself...but I won't. In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing. Especially compared to what others are dealing with on a daily basis.

With my mind a whirl of plans, you'd think my body would jump on the bandwagon and decide it needed to get things done around here. But NOOOO! It's sitting in the corner like a bag of bricks, daring my brain...just try and make me get up and go. I feel a billion years old at times. Will someone please send me my 20something self that used to whip through the housework with nary a creak nor groan. I could really use her right now.

I am down to a few kids right now. Jake, Eileen and Olivia went home with my sister and Emily. Why Jake went, we have no clue. I think he just wanted something new to do. I realized at 4am though that it meant there was no one here in the morning when I had to drive the kids to school and Michelle to work. So Danielle and Sean had to go out the door with us at 6:45. Poor things. I scare myself when I do that...not think through things and then get slammed with a huge...OH NO!!

Allison and Meghan were here on Saturday so I got my grandbaby fix in. (Drew came later, he had band practice...they have a decent paying gig soon! wooohoo!) I was more then happy enough to hold Meghan while Allison had some dinner. Then I felt like a traitor asking for a volunteer to take her after everyone else was done eating and I was sitting there starving. Of course everyone jumped at the chance to take her for me. Danielle and Sean weren't very happy campers though. They weren't allowed near Meghan all day. They started with an occasional clear running nose on Friday night and it turned into colds with a cough by midday Saturday. I just hope Meghan doesn't come down with it.

This is the last week of summer school! Woohoo! Carrie is done on Thursday. Luke is done next Monday. His finals are done by Friday so he'll be skipping on Monday. Tom is on call this week. It's a little less bothersome now that Michelle is working new hours. I can't rely on him doing any driving anyways. He's hoping for tons of rain this week so he can get some overtime in. lol I'm pretty sure he won't be getting it. The exciting thing is that once his oncall week is over...he's on vacation until after Labor Day!

The not exciting thing is that means that Labor Day is almost here and summer vacation is almost over. I have nothing ready for them to go back to school yet. Normally I've been in Walmart a few times a week and picked up a bunch of stuff....not this year. Can we just skip it this year? I didn't think so. For the first time in 21 years I will not have anyone in elementary school or riding the 2nd trip bus. It is so weird to think that once 7:30 hits, everyone that is suppose to be out the door, should be out the door. It also means there's going to have to be some major organization if they're going to do it successfully. But that's a thought for another day. Anyways, I have to go out the door soon to pick up school kids. So enough rambling for now.

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