Thursday, August 05, 2010

Pictures from Saturday

I'd left my camera at the hospital when I was visiting Drew, Allison and Meghan on Thursday. I got it back on Saturday when we met up at my parents. I found some coming home pictures on it.


Drew being a goof with Meghan in her going home outfit

Carrie holding Meghan with Danielle chomping at the bit to get her turn. She was so patient, especially when my sister took her from Carrie after Danielle had been told it was her turn next.

Finally getting her turn

Sean had fallen asleep in the car on the way into my parents' and was out cold. So I told everyone to let him sleep until he woke up or everyone had had a chance to hold Meghan. As soon as he woke up everyone was in his face about getting to see and hold the baby.

After seeing her he made it a point to tell people she was this big (holding his cupped hands inches apart). At one point he also mentioned...but she's heavy.

Drew and Allison came out to church on Sunday to show off Meghan and let his aunts get their baby fixes in. They stayed for a good bit of time and had dinner at the grill (my treat). I had them buy a rib dinner to bring home for Tom which he said was DELICIOUS! Jake got his nose out of joint that I wouldn't let him hold the baby. I knew he'd been out in the woods setting up for an endurance competition. He hadn't showered or changed his clothes so I didn't want to risk the baby getting poison ivy...which Jake now has.

The conference was an exhausting whirl of fun. I could barely walk Monday night but suddenly was full of energy to walk the grounds when it seemed that Sean was missing. He wasn't, Liz had him at the beach volleyball finals, I just didn't know it. But by then (at least 20 mins of searching) I was an exhausted emotional mess. Fighting tears I took Sean and Danielle home early and promptly fell asleep with them on the couch. I woke up to the phone ringing and my heart jumping out of my chest. I thought it was 2am and I'd forgotten the kids. It was 11:30 and they were looking for a ride home early...they were also exhausted, Carrie had school the next day and Jake had a headache (he eventually ended up with the fever, muscle ache illness that's been going around here since the end of or two at a time...5 to 7 days between cases...ugh!)

Tuesday was children's day...the funnest of all fun days!!! There were bouncy houses, cotton candy, tons of activities. I helped Della do her famous cookie decorating station. The little ones love it, the moms probably not so much. Especially this year since Della found red and blue frosting for the kids to wear...I mean spread. lol I was tired Tuesday night that in my sleep I started nursing Sean! We'd fallen asleep on the couch again and when he started crying I lifted my shirt and let him go at it. He probably thought he hit the jackpot until a minute later I realized what I was doing and stopped him. Then he was just totally ticked off. Poor guy.

Yesterday was a total "waste" of a day, but every once in a while you have to have one of those. I was out the door early to take Michelle to work and the kids to school. I promptly fell back to sleep after getting home and slept on and off for a couple of hours. I'm not really sure what I did between 11ish and 1:30...pretty much sitting around being lazy and melting in the heat and humidity. Then it was back out the door to get the kids I'd dropped off in the morning. By the time I got home I was exhausted again and with a major caffeine headache. I forgot/was too lazy to get myself a cup all day and was paying for it. I asked Eileen to make me cup and get me some ibuprofen and then jumped into bed. After chugging the coffee I slept for most of the afternoon. My head still hurt but not as bad...again not doing much of anything for the rest of the night.

This morning I still have remnants of the headache and an irritated eye. It started itching last night and now the white of my eye is swollen and red. I'm pretty sure it's allergy related. Please don't let it be pink eye! Since I'm not sure which it is, I'll have to keep my distance from Meghan :o(.

It is another hot and humid day. I don't want to do anything but this place is falling apart since I have hardly been here in almost 2 weeks. Not to mention that Emily, my sister's youngest, is coming today and staying until Sunday night. This makes it hard to get the girls to help around here. Plus I want to have some fun with them...although I'm not sure what we'll do. Oh yeah! Saturday is Jake's birthday...he's turning 14! We should probably do something for that, but again not sure what. I should probably get off my tukus now. Where's that dynamite?

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