Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Today is the start of birthday week. Luke, Olivia and Val all have birthdays in the next week. FUN! FUN! FUN! I've never written out birth stories before so thought maybe I'd do it on the kids' birthdays so it would be done by the end of year.

Luke is now 12yo.

His stats....

Luke Alexander
March 2, 1993
9lbs 15.75oz

I have NEVER heard of 3/4 ounces before or since that when weighing a baby. I BEGGED the nurses to give him a quarter ounce and call him an even 10 but they wouldn't do it. He's a 10lber to me anyways. LOL

While he was my biggest baby he was also one of my easiest deliveries. I always said it was to make up for being the most uncomfortable pregnancy! LOL It started with a change of date at my first dr appt. I was due 2/14 by my LMP. Uterus size and u/s pushed my date to 2/28. When thinking about it, me going over 2wks unless I was induced seemed to be par for the course of my previous pregnancies. (15days over, 12days over, induced 17days over, induced 6days over, induced on due date)

I had polyhydramios with him (excess amniotic fluid) and was HUGE for a singleton pregnancy. Many people assumed I was carrying twins. (measured 44 at 40wks). This was compounded by being hit with sciatica (first time I'd had it). Unbelieveably, my blood pressure wasn't a real problem until the last week or so and then, barely. Val and Liz's pg before this had blood pressure problems show up earlier and required meds. I did have to have a lot of extra u/s due to the poly. Laying on the hard table with my sciatica was pure tortune and I'd be in tears by the end. We also discovered he was breech at 38wks. Luckily he turned the night before I went into the hospital for a manual version (manipulation/turning of the baby from the outside) at 39wks. I just wish we'd known that before they admitted me and gave me an IV. LOL (sonogram done before they turned the baby showed him head down...before the sono dr insisted his butt was his head.)

It's the only labor where my water broke on it's own. It broke at 5am and there were no contractions. Being GBS+ I went into the hospital anyways (wanted to miss rush hour traffic too). My MIL was here to stay with the kids. We got there by 7am. They insisted my water hadn't broke because they could feel a bulging bag. Guess the soaked towels I brought were just for show ;o). The litmus test showed that it was amniotic fluid. They broke my water again so that contractions would start up. And again, and again. I'm not kidding! They literally milked my belly. They'd hook the bag, get a huge gush of water, massage my belly to cause more fluid to escape, and do it all over again...about 4 or 5 times in all. When they were done Luke was floating high so they banned me from getting up and elevated my feet/hips for about 20 or 30 mins. By then he had settled in again, the concern for cord prolapse was less and I was allowed to get up.

Walking got some contractions going but they were infrequent and weak. About 11am it was decided they'd start Pit. :o( The contractions weren't too bad for pit contractions, they also weren't really close or strong. I was advancing but slowly. The dr could tell that things were progressing rapidly once I got to 4cm. She decided to check me and said I was 9cm with a lip. She told me I could push now and we'd see what the lip did. The next contraction hit and I didn't push. The dr asked me why I hadn't pushed. I informed her I didn't feel like I had to push with that one. She suggested I push anyways. So I push (dr called it a half a push lol) and he was here! Along with him came a HUGE gush of bloody amniotic fluid...all over everyone and everything! At this point Tom became "embarrassed" due to the mess I made. He asked if they had a mop and bucket. I wanted to clobber him, the nurses just laughed and assured him that they paid people to take care of messes like this and not to worry about it. lol

It was so great not to have to go through the scramble of transition, feeling like I had to push, sending Tom out to get someone, waiting to be examined, etc. I never had the transition panic and loss of confidence I'd had before. It was great! :oD

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