Thursday, September 28, 2006


According to bloglines hat's the number of blog entries I'm behind in reading. Needless to say most of them I'll be skipping and it makes me sad. I can't remember the last time I went on a blog tour. I have 50 feeds that I follow which with the help of bloglines I managed to keep up on fairly easy. Since I've started on the net I've never had so little online time before. (well except when I went a month without a computer). It seems like the world is just passing me by. Although I know it's not really.

Even when I do have the time I find myself waiting in line for my turn on the computer. Drew's computer is down for the count so it's only this one now. Add in the fact that Michelle's boyfriend is away to school and has no phone right. Their main communication is IM'ing at night when he can borrow someone's computer. Then there's homework assignments online and research needed for projects. I WANT ANOTHER COMPUTER!!!!

I joke that I need a laptop so I can go to the mall and use their WIFI. I can see it sitting in the food court with glazed over internet eyes, nose stuck to the laptop screen. Danielle sitting in her stroller or a disgusting highchair whining to get out, me throwing cheerios or pretzels at her to appease her for a few more minutes. Oh wouldn't I win the mother of the year award! ;o)

I'm not even suppose to be here now. My house is SCREAMING at me to take care of it. I did manage to get a few things done here before I sat down with my coffee and snack, but it's not nearly enough. I keep thinking we'll make a huge dent in it after dinner but there never seems to be time. Like tonight...there's elementary school open house anbd a youth meeting at church(which my older kids will probably miss).

I knew open house was Thursday but I failed to realize that TODAY was Thursday in my thinking. Poor Jake, he has a science project due tomorrow. He's been waiting for (and bugging) me to hook up the printer so he could finish it. I've been putting it off figuring we'd work on it Thursday night. Now he won't be home until 5:30, has to eat and be back out the door by 6:30 and won't return until after 8. :o( Why would teachers put a deadline the day AFTER a big school function? GRRRR! I feel bad becuase he's always been one of my better self motivated homework doers. It's not a matter of him avoiding it.

Well at least my van is clean! LOL Monday was a beautiful day but the ground was too muddy for Danielle to crawl around. We went for our walk and then hung out in the van. So I had time to clean it AGAIN (did it a week or so ago) How does it get so messy in so short time? I bought a tote to replace my carboard box held together with string. Hopefully that'll make things a lot easier to maintain.

I feel like I've written this post before. Problem is...this is my life right now. Even when I'm not doing something it seems like I'm hurrying up and waiting. Some things have gotten easier, others just keep on keeping on. I just wish my brain would shut off once in a while. All these running thoughts are enough to make me exhausted!

Well my coffee cup is empty and Danielle's done back to work! Guess I should start with hooking up the printer.

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Lisa said...

I know what you mean, I'm rushing, rushing, rushing and nothing gets accomplished. Geesh!