Saturday, September 23, 2006

A scary and exhausting evening

Today was a busy day although it was quite enjoyable...for a while. This weekend is the fall youth soccer tournament at church. We play different fellowships from all over the Northeast US and Canada. The moms' jobs are to make fools of ourselves as we cheer much too loudly.

It looked to be a normal soccer weekend....WET! Luckily the temperature decided to be nice to us and hovered in the mid 70s. They started playing at 10am with a light rain. By the time lunch time hit at noon it started clearing up and becoming a bit muggy.

During our last regularly scheduled game (quarterfinals were next) I decided to take Danielle for a walk. It was after 2 and she'd been up all day. I thought riding in the stroller over the bumpy gravel would put her to sleep. WRONG! She was too nosey to relax enough to sleep. We got 3/4 away around the outer circle when Danielle started crying.

She was trying to turn around and stand up in the stroller. The whole time she acted like she ate something gross and was trying to spit it out. There were tons of yellow jackets out today so I thought maybe she got stung. I got her out of the stroller and checked her over (even in her mouth) She calmed a bit and I finished our walk carrying her and pushing the stroller. I stopped at a boulder so I could sit and nurse her which she did fine....for a few minutes. Then she started crying again. So we walked some more. I finally got back to where my camp chair was set up amongst the moms watching the game. I nursed Danielle until she fell asleep...or so I thought. She bit me hard while nursing and started SCREAMING! Her face was red, her eyes were puffy and she wouldn't stop.

I took off her clothes to search for a sting, no welts. She did have a few big patches of hives on her upper chest and arms. Her ears and face were beet red and looked puffy. I really couldn't be sure whether it was from crying so hard or not. Her spit was thick and she did the spitting out thing again and then threw up. I kept watching her throat and chest to see if she was having a hard time breathing but she wasn't. My SIL, D, told me she had an epipen in her diaper bag if I needed it.

I couldn't calm her down for anything. She refused to nurse. We left the area and walked. I talked and tried to soothe her. After she threw up I decided this was getting too close to needing medical help and went to my van for my first aid kit and some benedryl. I couldn't find a medicine dropper but found a unopened straw so used that to give her some. She's a terrible medicine taker and fought me tooth and nail. I did manage to get some in her and then she threw up again! So I'm not really sure HOW much she had.

She continued to cry and her face still looked red and puffy. I finally managed to calm her a bit right before we were to eat dinner at 5pm. She sat in my lap while we ate and whined on and off. She was looking a bit better by the end of dinner. I was going to leave at 7 instead of going to the meeting. By 7 she decided she was ok. As time went on she became more active and whined less. Her eyes still looked pretty swollen. Around 9 she even smiled at and played with one of the adults.

She's now sleeping soundly (I think) I feel like I've been playing soccer all day. It totally drained me. I didn't realize it until about 8'ish while sitting in the meeting hall. All I wanted was to crawl into bed and go to sleep! I have NO idea what she had the reaction to and I hope I never find out again!

I'm just hoping she's ok and back to her smiley self tomorrow. At 9:15 starts the semifinals of the tournment. For the first time ever out youth have to play! YEAH THEM!!! Finals are played at 11, then it's lunch. At 2pm we're having my MIL's memorial feast until about 5. Then back home to finish homework and get ready for the week ahead which is looking to be busy at first. Monday I'm driving Michelle to school, have an appt after I pick her up in the afternoon and then a baby shower in the evening.


O_Scientist said...

Awww, that sounds scary, glad she was ok in the end.

{{{ HUGS }}} to you and Danielle


Anonymous said...

She could have picked something up off the ground (leaf, someones discarded something), but that definately sounds like an allergic reaction. Thank goodness you had the benadryl. People always look at me like I'm nuts, but I've always got that and kiddie tylenol in my bag.

Anonymous said...

That sounds really scary. Not to alarm you, but you might want to really find out what caused that. Those symptoms...vomiting, swelling, hives, and redness are all symptoms of anaphylactic shock. I have a friend whose son is deathly allergic to nuts, and when he exibits even one of those symptoms, they hit him with an epi pen and call 911, where he usually spends hours at the ER even after the epi pen. I've also heard that allergies are often worse with each subsequent exposure, so it's be goos to know what to stay away from.

khadijateri said...

Wow! That was scary! I often worry about my kids - in the part of the world we live in (N. Africa) scorpions can be a problem. I was stung once and now I am very careful!

Glad to hear that your baby is fine.

Solomon & Malachi said...

You know, I had a reaction like that when I was a teenager. Never figured out what it was and it never came back. I did take a class and get certified to carry an epi pen after that though - it was scary!

aka_Meritt said...

So I'm a little late here but it sounded to me like she may have accidently swallowed a yellow jacket. I'm sure she was stung at some point... but truly sounds like she swallowed one.