Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Only have a sec

I'm not handling driving Michelle and the kids going back to school well right now. My house is a mess, dinners have been not so great, and we're totally unprepared in the mornings. It doesn't help that I was barely home this weekend so I couldn't play catch-up. It doesn't help that Danielle has hardly been napping and has no one to pay attention to her but me. It doesn't help that the big church soccer tournament is in 2wks. The kids are having big time soccer practices every night ontop of their regular church things. It doesn't help that I haven't been sleeping well and am exhausted during the day.

I thought our new chorelist would help. Things are so bad they can't take care of it in the short time they have at night. I'm trying to get them to chip at it every day but it doesn't seem to be effective. I need to get organized!!!! Planning meals before hand, getting laundry done and outfits planned ahead of time so we're not searching for something every morning.

I hate to say it but....I NEED a schedule! Waaahhhhh! Snack time, chore time, homework time, dinner time, running out the door time, BED time!

On the plus side. Monday after dropping off Michelle, Danielle and I went for a walk. Danielle fell asleep and I was able to sit in the shade a read a book! I haven't read a book in a while. Right now I've just started the Red Tent. I've been tempted to run out and bring it in the house but I know that's not smart. If I did that then I'd get absolutely nothing done. So it's a Mon and Wed read only.

I mentioned this weekend was busy. Here's the highlights...

Fri night... Drew's band played at a "block party". They set up outside one of the bandmember's house and had a nighttime concert. We were there from 8-11.

Sat... The first of our church's youth got married!!! She was BEAUTIFUL! The ceremony was touching and the feast afterwards was uplifting. The girls and I got home about 9'ish. After Tom and I went to bed we ended up starting to talk. We were a bit shocked to see the clock say 4AM! Tom decided he wanted a snack so we got back up. Danielle woke up and I climbed back into bed between 4:30 and 5.

Sun...Tom's work called at 7:30am!!!! Wouldn't you know it I couldn't get back to sleep. I was zombie all day. We went to church at 11 and stayed for lunch. Afterwards we tried to finish up school shopping. We got home about 9pm.

Other notes... Drew's band has been asked to play at quite a few places lately. They're really excited and have even been paid for some of them. 2 wks ago they played at a wedding and a benefit. This weekend was a Founder's Day celebration on Saturday and a benefit on Sunday. Tonight they're playing at a bar.

Well since this is still sitting here open since 9:30 this morning...I'll update.

I went to the OB today :o( It was a little rough sitting there and affected me a bit more then I thought it would. I was asked what I'm going to do now and said....proceed as normal...whatever that is. lol Everything checked out ok. My weight was the same as it was at my last appointment. My blood pressure was 106/80. I have NO idea how she always gets such unbelieveably low numbers like that. My glucose numbers while acceptable weren't really where he wants them. (I thought they were good and I my A1C is only 5.1!!!!) So I'm back on glucophage and he's added acarbose. I'm also back on my non pg high blood pressure meds. We wants me back in in 2mos. I'm hoping I may need to go in before that. :o)

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MJ said...

Im sorry it sucks so much. Can you let michelle take the van, or does that create more probs?