Thursday, September 07, 2006

We survived!

The first day of school has come and gone. Everyone got out the door when they needed to. I still have a few things to get for them but all in all we're good. Olivia tried to stay home this morning...her belly hurt. I made her go. I hope she doesn't try this too much this year. I don't really have negotiating and cajoling time in the morning.

Pat went with me to drop off Michelle. We ran to the dollar store and while there I started getting a headache. I realized I never had any coffee before we left. At the same time we both said...DUNKIN DONUTS! We shared an XL cappuccino and 2 donuts.

It was a bit too early to go grocery shopping so we decided to kill some time at the pet store. As were we getting out of the van I realized I didn't have my diaper bag. I'd left it at Dunkin Donuts!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?!?! How come I've been losing/leaving my wallet/bag everywhere!?! Normally I'd have to have my bag to leave since my keys would be in it. This time was different because I was letting Pat drive so he had the keys in his pocket. We ran back to DD and luckily they'd seen us walk out and put it behind the counter. PHEW! We went back to the pet store and oogled the animals for a while. Danielle really enjoyed it.

Shortly after we got there Jess called Pat and said she was almost out of class (Michelle still had 3hrs to go). He told her to meet us at the pet store when she was done. She called back about 10mins later. Seems her exhaust pipe had fallen off and was hanging under her car. We jumped in the van, drove up to the college and Pat wired it up. Now we had to find a muffler place. One place gave her a $200 estimate which her dad and I told her was too much. About half an hour later we found where we wanted to be and they had a $140 estimate in hand. I left them at the shop and headed out to do my errands.

I stopped at Wendy's (which I will NOT being doing on a regular basis!) ordered a jr bacon and side salad for me, and a sm fries for Danielle who had fallen asleep. So I sat in Walmart parking lot and enjoyed my lunch while she slept. After she woke up and had a few fries we headed in to shop. We have a nasty cold with a cough going around here so I needed some meds. I felt like people were thinking I was a drug dealer/manufacturer with all the different types of cold meds I was picking up. Damn you backwoods meth labs for turning innocent homemakers into suspects!

My phone rang as I was starting into the grocery area of WM. It was Pat telling me that they were still waiting for the car to be fixed. Hmmm I thought they told them it wouldn't be long. Next thing I know he's RAAAA'ing me. What a jokster. Just as we were finishing up Michelle called to be picked up. So much for not knowing how to kill time while she was in class. I hadn't finished my errands so I dragged her along for another hour.

We got home at 4:30 which is prime afterschool crazy time. Being the first day of school EVERYONE had papers for me to fill out. So like a good girl I did my homework. Then I finished putting groceries away and started dinner. I want dinner to be ready to serve by 6:30 on school nights, it was 7. I have some work to do. I'm thinking of starting to use my crockpot more. One small problem is my 18qt slowcooker/roaster is too big for a meal and the 4qt is a tad too small. I can use it to make sauces or parts of meals I guess. Maybe Monday I'll hit the thrift stores and see if I can find another 4qt or larger one.

We're in the middle of switching some rooms around here. That means tons of things out of place, tons of things that have no place to be put, bags of stuff that no one wants anymore and a huge pile of clothes that seem to have gotten dirty without being worn and need to be washed. I can't wait until it's all taken care of! This place is a disaster area right now. At least my front coat closet is clean and organized! (did it last weekend) Unfortunately I found out just how small it can't even hold 12 winter coats much less enough winter and spring ones for everyone...NOT TOK friendly!

Today is Carrie's 12th birthday (will write out her birth story later). It means she can now join the youth group at church. She's been bugging me, trying to get me to send her to the meetings early. Big bad mom wouldn't break the rules. I hope it's as exciting as she thinks it's going to be. lol She wanted chinese for dinner so we're ordering sesame chicken. I'm making lo mein here so there'll be something filling to go along with it.

Bus is here. Time to see if everyone survived another day.

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