Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thank you everyone

I really appreciate everyone's messages during this rollercoaster of a week. Things are slowly getting better emotionally. I know it won't ever go away (this is my 2nd m/c) but it does get better. I also know it'll hit me again when I least expect it. At least it did last time. Things have been really busy here, which helps a bit.

One thing about all this that I can consider good and even a gift to me. Becoming pg caused me to take stock in my health again. While my sugar levels probably were ok before I became pg, I wasn't eating right and the weight wasn't coming off like it should've. Actually I've gained some weight back since the end of last year. I'd gotten lax about taking my blood pressure meds so I know my pressure was high with our without the pg. I hadn't started ANY exericse at all. I'm taking all this as a sign that I'm to put my health up higher in my priorities. Time to take better care of myself! Plus when/if I become pr again it can go well right from the start!

Today is the last day of summer vacation. As usual I'm pretty sad to see it end. I LOVE the unstructured summertime. This year is looking to need me to be the most organized ever. Tom and the kids are going out the door at all hours between 6 and 10am, and never the same time each day. Not only are they going out but I am too, since I have to drive and pickup Michelle.

On top of getting the house ready (which will NEVER happen) I'm also trying to get myself ready. Some days Michelle needs to leave the house just as or before the bus gets here for the youngest group of kids. I'm not sure how that'll work out at all. Whether they'll still be here to catch the bus or I'll have to drop them off after I drop off Michelle. Then there's the time problem. Will I be able to do all that before the school day actually starts?

One of my problems is Michelle perpetually runs late. I told her to hurry up this morning and she replied with...I have tons of time (she had 30 mins and was still wrapped in a towel). She was out the door late, luckily no young kids/bus to deal with. I told her ALL I'm asking of her is that she be on time...waiting at the door at 8:30...not almost out the door at 8:30.

To make things better this morning I get in the van and see my gastank read E! GRRRRRR DREEEEEEEW!!!! He borrowed the van this weekend so his band could drive to a gig. He was SUPPOSE to replace the gas before he brought it home. I ran back into the house, grabbed my bank card, dropped off Michelle and stopped at the gas station. With school shopping things are TIGHT financially this payperiod, wouldn't you know it, my bankcard was declined. One of the benefits of small town living...the gas station attendant knew me and allowed me to leave without paying for it. I ran home, jumped online, transfered a few dollars and ran back to the gas station. 2nd try did the trick and my card was accepted. PHEW! Drew's already been given a piece of my mind. Betcha he was wishing he didn't have a cell phone right about now. lol

I am managing to get a bunch of things done around here. (actually I'm suppose to be working now instead of blogging but a girl's gotta stop for coffee once in a while lol) I've hung coathooks in the doorway of the livingroom coatcloset for bookbags. The closet is one of my few regrets when planning/building this house. It's TINY! It can't hold 12 winter coats in it much less spring AND winter things. It's one of the few things I wish I could redo about this house, along with a 1st floor laundryroom. What we really need is a huge mudroom with tons of hooks and cubbies or lockers.

I've been a lean mean laundry machine. I'm trying to catchup from not having my hands free for the last 2wks (filled with cranky Danielle). Add in bedrooms and laundryroom floor being cleaned and you have TONS of laundry waiting. I can't begin to explain it. Actually I'd be too embarrassed to even try. Let's just say if I ever see the end of these piles...you'll hear me celebrating whereever you are. :o)

Part of my organizing is trying to figure out things for quick take along breakfasts and lunches. I'm not going to be home from 10 to 4 on Monday and Wednesday so have to figure out quick or make ahead dinners for those days too. You'd think I had this all down pat by now. Have to get it planned out today so I can hit the grocery store tomorrow while waiting for Michelle to get out of class.

Well guess my break is over. Kids seem to think if mom's rear is in a chair all work can end. What I wouldn't do for a megaphone and bullwhip right about now! ;o)

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