Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tossin and Turnin

My mind is a whirlwind and I can't sleep. All that keeps running through my head is what I could be doing instead of sleeping. Top of the list is to come here and WRITE! So here I am.

My computer time is at an all time low right now. Not only am I hardly home during the days when the computer is free. We're down to one computer now! Drew's computer is down for the count so we're all sharing mine. Michelle has a class that requires her to take an online quiz after every reading assignment. So that tends to take precidence. Driving Michelle isn't SO bad. Although I can see it getting worse once the weather changes and my options dwindle. (MJ...Michelle doesn't have her license and isn't anywhere near ready to take her road test. So no on giving her the van, as much as I'd love to! LOL)

Monday was a BEAUTIFUL day with tons of sun and temps in the low 80s. After Danielle and I went for a walk we set up camp near the pond. Me in my camp chair with snacks and a book. Danielle with some toys, lots of crawling room and her stroller to take a nap in. If every day was like Monday I'd feel thankful for such a task. It felt like a mini vacation and I was feeling a tad guilty for wasting the day away. I keep debating if it's worth it to stay in the city. Is 3hrs waiting worth the $10 in gas it'd cost me to go home? Would I actually get anything done knowing I had to run back out the door again in a few hours? In the winter I could see me staying in the city, especially since they tend to get less snow then our house does. But now...I'm not so sure.

I'm happy to say that I'm getting a bit more done around the house nowadays. Not that it looks it but things are getting done and the important people know it. I always find I feel better about everything when I get back into the groove of cleaning. Not that I like to clean, just that I feel better.

This weekend the kids finally begged enough to get me to agree to my nieces spending the night. With the crazy summer we had, there wasn't much of a chance for them to spend time out here like they normally do. The oldest was at a friend's house so didn't come so I only had 2 extras. My sister drove them out here and I'm sure she was dumbstruck on the state of the house. When sharing a bedroom we were often referred to Felix and Oscar. Oh well the girls had fun and that's all that matters. I think her oldest wants to come out this weekend, I'm not sure how that'll work out but we'll see.

Tonight was the last soccer practice before the tournament this weekend. Tomorrow (Thurs) night they'll have a youth meeting and pep rally with Friday off. (Although there are activities planned for the adults) I'm hoping without a nightly 7pm deadline (time they need to be at church for practice) we'll be able to do a bit more around here. The kids have been asking me to drive up to the cemetary and visit MIL's grave. We've been wanting to use our rec center membership. The little kids want to go swimming, older ones use the weightroom. Of course there's reading time and practicing spelling that tends to get pushed aside when time's short. Oh yeah and fun time! lol

Pat's still looking for a job. I've put him on notice that he's driving Michelle to Jess's house tomorrow and then going into the other city/suburbs to look for a job. They've had better luck at the hiring agency in that direction then the one out near the college. (where he's already applied and not hear anything from) I'm pretty sure he's feeling the crunch of having empty pockets. He's also dying to get a puppy which Tom won't even entertain the idea of as long as Pat's broke.

Drew's band seems to get more and more calls. September 30th they're playing at a Tex-Mex restaurant/bar. They were suppose to play at a showcase tonight but not sure if they did. Today was Allison's birthday and Drew was spending the day with her. Also last time they played there they didn't get on the stage until midnight. Closing the place down is too late night for school kids!

Carrie had a checkup at the TODAY study. They were really pleased with her glucose numbers and her weight. (which was the same as in July) Her blood pressure was a little off. Her dystolic (upper) number was too high for someone her age. It's the second appt that it's been like that. They rechecked her at the end of the appt and finally got a number that they could relax a bit on. So for now she's pre-hypertensive instead of hypertensive. We're watching sodium intake and trying to get her moving more.

My meds are driving me up the wall. The new one has some side effects that are similar to what I dealt with after having my gall bladder removed. Gas, bloating, and diarrhea. It's supoose to diminish after a while. Also it helps when I stick to my food there's a motivator. I think it's adverserly effecting my numbers though. Carrie's gotten better numbers then me and she's never done that before! My fastings were in the high 80s and 90s. Now they are in the 106 range. My after meal numbers are just borderline where they were fine before. I'll going to give it another week or so and see what happnes. The only good thing about this is that it may help me lose weight because it blocks the intake of carbs/glucose. I haven't decided if that's worth the adverse effects or not.

Danielle is growing like a weed and keeping us entertained. She's found her screech, much to Tom's chagrin. Her mouth is going constantly. For the most part it's blah lah labaglaba stuff but I hear a word slip out once in a while. She's not walking yet and I'm ok with that. I think she'll be our oldest walker. She's on the verge of doing it, just hasn't gotten bold enough to do it. Once she does though she'll be running!

Her newest ploy is to throw a temper tantrum everytime someone gets in the van without her. We've had the front door open because of the nice temps. She'll make a mad crawl for the front door and watch to see if whoever went out it is getting in the van. If they do she SCREAMS like she's hurt and then puts her head to the floor for just the right dramatic effect. Tuesday it made Pat come running back in to check on her...Then carry her out to her carseat for a ride to pick up Michelle with him. Naaaaah she's not spoiled! I'm SO in trouble!

The kids seem to be adjusting well to school. They all seem to be self motivated to do their homework and studying. It's a first! Especially for Carrie. I still have to prompt at times when time is short but all in all they've got it down. :oD Eileen was SO proud of herself on Friday when she brought home a 95% on her first spelling test! She has 10 regular words and 10 sight words on each test, double the amount from last year. They aren't all in the same word family like last year either. I was really worried she'd get overwhelmed by it. She scored better then any pretest I'd given her at home!

The new bedroom arrangments seem to be working out well too. I've noticed that Liz and Carrie are spending more one on one time now. I'm sure they really appreciated having their room to themselves on Saturday. I woke up at 7:30am to find the little girls and niece playing Barbies. They'd gone to bed after midnight! They were dragging around dinner time to say the least. lol

Well I've rambled long enough. My eyes are finally realizing it's late and we need some sleep. I've been missing coming here and visiting my blog friends. I haven't gone on a proper blog tour in weeks! Hopefully I'll have time soon. I hope everything is well with everyone out there.

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truth said...

Hope you've gotten over feeling guilty for wasting the day away. Besides, you were spending time letting the baby be a baby. Try to enjoy those quiet down times.