Friday, August 01, 2008


It was one of those days when I wonder exactly what I was thinking having so many kids. How can anyone watch THAT many kids? It was also one of those days when the kids having lots of siblings shines through.

It started innocent enough with Danielle sitting in the corner trying to cut her own toenails.

And then it got a little less innocent with Sean getting a hold of someone's vanilla pudding cup (and yes, it matters that it's vanilla...PHEW!) and eating in in the livingroom! Makes me thankful for hardwood floors and running water.

After Sean's bath I started making dinner at the kitchen table. Jake was standing on the opposite side watching me, Sean was standing sitting at my feet. Eileen came along with a cup of ramen noodle soup she had just poured hot water into. Sean started fussing and Jake started to come around the table to get him. I said I had him and started to pick him up. Just as I got him off the floor Jake hit something on the table that started a chain reaction ending guessed it...Eileen's steaming hot cup of ramen getting knocked over. It landed on Eileen right knee. Luckily nothing hit Sean!

Eileen's a major worrywart and she tends to freak out at every little thing. As soon as I saw what was happening I was getting ready to take control of her. To have to get in her face and make her calm down and listen to me. Instead the girl totally floored me. While she was screaming because she was in pain, she stayed calm and knew what to do. She jumped up and ran for the bathroom and immediately jumped into the tub before I could even say anything to her. We hit her leg with the handhand shower while the tub filled with cold water.

As we sat there Eileen started to come back to her true form and was working herself into a mild panic attack , do I need to go to the dotors, what will they do, are they going to cut off my leg. Ok that last one was planted by a mean sarcastic mom. It's a running joke in this house...Dr dad will take care of it! Where's my saw!?! I finally got her calmed down a bit. She didn't want me to take her picture because...You'll just put it on your blog!!! Hehehe

She started getting chilled sitting in the cold water so she changed her clothes and we moved her to the couch with a towel soaked in cold water. We wrapped her leg in a garbage bag so it wouldn't get the couch too wet.

It seems to be doing well so far. We marked the edges yesterday to make sure the redness wasn't increasing. She has one area that blistered up Wednesday night. I can't really put a cover on it though because the area around it is all inflamed and tender.


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