Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Outlet Mall

With us being busy and gone all weekend and Michelle having Monday off it was declared a...Stay at home day! I needed to get laundry done and organized for school since it started in less then 10 days. Then I got to thinking...10 days? Hmmmm I really need to go shopping for school. Some of my kids are still wearing sneakers from last Sept. I'm not sure about backpacks and certain kids are low on clothes (Luke and Jake...decent shirts, Eileen...bottoms (skirts and jeans)) I know! We'll go to the outlet mall! When I asked everyone was excited and got ready to get out the door.

Michelle made egg salad and fed everyone sandwiches on the way. We brought bread and salami for sandwiches later in the evening. We also threw in...snacks, cups, and our water container. So no needing to waste money at the food court. Both the umbrella and my regular stroller were loaded in to the back of the van, all the kids were buckled in and we were off by 2pm.

OMGoodness!!! The place was PACKED! It was not the ideal place to be with 2 strollers and 8 walking kids to keep track off. Still the kids were good for the most part and we did ok. The boys got a bunch of $2 and $3 shirts, Luke found a pair of sneaks to replace his from last year, and I got a TON of things for 2 baby showers I know that'll be coming up. Blue for my neice and pink for a church family. It was so much fun! I've come realize once I have grandkids coming I will be in a LOT of trouble if I don't watch it! Everything is so cute!

One of the kids asked why so many people were speaking a different language. It floored them to hear that people from different places come to this area only to shop. I saw a LOT of cars packed with both luggage and shopping bags.

Sean was a perfect angel in the stroller. He didn't cry to get out the entire 5+ hrs we were there. He enjoyed sitting there watching everyone. When he waved to everyone he looked like he was on a parade float. He has the princess wave down pat. lol

I have to redo my lists of supplies and see exactly what I need. I think I have most of the basic things. At least enough to get through the first week of class...I think. I know I need to take a trip to the vision center on Wednesday. Luke and Liz's glasses are both pretty beat up and out of warranty. Luckily our plan covers them getting another plan now. I hope.

I told the younger girls that I'd break out my sewing machine and make them skirts. At first I did it because I know their skirts can be done pretty easily. Now having looked in the store I think I'm going to HAVE to do it out of necessity. Where are all the skirts in the stores? I noticed the lack of skirts when Tom and I were in Walmart on Saturday. Shopping yesterday just confirmed it...they aren't putting skirts out much anymore. I don't know maybe it's just a matter of looking in the wrong places. Or wanting them clearanced and there aren't any right now. I hope so. I've already gone through the having to make your own clothes era. I don't want to do it again, especially for the older girls...they can be so particular. Guess it's time to tune up my grandmother's sewing machine and weed through my fabric supply.

Today is Danielle's 3rd birthday! She's so excited. One of Michelle's co-workers, E, has "adopted" Danielle and wanted to get her something for her birthday. Last time we were in the store he asked Danielle what she wanted. She was so excited to see him that she was tongue tied. After he walked away she found her voice again and said she wanted a sucker. So Liz took Danielle over to him and she told him...I want a sucker! He was amazed it was all she asked for and said he'd look for a HUGE sucker. Danielle is hoping that today is the day that E has her sucker for her. :o)

I'm not exactly sure what we're doing for her dinner. Last week when I asked her someone mentioned Chinese which she jumped on big time (it's her favorite place to go to eat). I am NOT going to pay for everyone to go to the chinese buffet but maybe we can find some things to fulfill that requirement at Michelle's work (Orange chicken chunks, egg rolls type of thing). Hmmm maybe I'll have someone make her some jello. You can't have a chinese buffet without jello! lol

I'm having the girls wrap Danielle's presents while we're gone to take Michelle to work and run errands. Hopefully later I'll have pictures to share. I know I have some really cute pictures taken over the last few weeks that I've wanted to share (posts were already pretty picture heavy so didn't...like this adorable but poorly lit one).

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Anne said...

Did I know that Danielle and I had the same birthday??? I know I should have known that! Well, give her a squeeze and tell her Happy Birthday for me.

I was watching your sidebar photos and your girls are GORGEOUS! Wow -- your boys are so handsome, too. I'm not really surprised, though :)