Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike got us!

We've been without power since I'm sitting in my running car with my laptop and my modem plugged into an inverter which is plugged into the car's cigarette lighter. I'd say I'm sadly addicted to the net but really I was just trying to get some news about what's going on around here.

Last night was an awesome night even if it meant us losing power. Luckily Michelle and I went and did a good amount of grocery shopping before all this happened. We were getting shoved around by the wind. The kids were fighting the wind while bringing in the groceries at 11 (yes, I know they should've been in bed but I wasn't home to make sure they were).

Unfortunately I now have a bunch of perishables in a non working fridge. We HAD to have a backwards dinner tonight (dessert before the meal). The kids' eyes popped out of their head when I plopped HUGE scoopfuls of ice cream into their bowls. It was a brand new gallon and it was turning into soup! What was I suppose to do?

Anyways, last night...After I got all the cold stuff put away (into the working fridge lol), I took Sean and went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was HOT and humid with the warm winds blasting. For a while the clouds disappeared. The moon was so bright that I could actually make out colors of things. While sitting outside I was wishing I could wake up the other kids to enjoy this, but of course they had to go to school in the morning and I couldn't interrupt their precious sleep. I made the comment that if I homeschooled I could wake them up and let them enjoy it and even turn it into a lesson! LOL

It started getting cloudy again about 1am'ish and the wind kicked up a notch or two. Everyone had started to go into bed, leaving me on the front porch alone. Then I saw it....flashed of green, red and orange against the clouds. I called everyone back just as this HUGE bunch of flashes went off. I'm assuming it was transformers and substations going offline especially since we also lost our power with that huge bunch of flashes.

Danielle woke up due to losing the lights (WHY does that happen...they're sleeping!) and I brought her outside with us. She wasn't very comfy with what was happening so I tried to appease her by bringing her on the couch while I sat and watched out the window. Still too close for comfort for her, she wanted to go in our bed. So I did and I fell asleep. I'd have stayed up all night if could've.

We lost a smallish tree, no big deal. We're all ok and we're actually enjoying the powerless day and unexpected day off from school (it was canceled). It's dark out and the neighbor just pulled into the driveway so I'll have to log off. I'll be back as soon as the power's back on.

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