Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh this is ridiculous!

Why does it seem that all the forces in the world are against me? I was bound and determined to go to church this morning even if it wasn't going to be easy.

Michelle had to be at work at 10. Technically I could drive there and back in time to make it to the meeting at 11:00. Tom graciously offered to drive her so I wouldn't have to worry about it. It also allowed Val to go and fill out some forms for a job she applied for. One obstacle down.

We are out of propane. That means no hot water, stove or dryer. I wasn't sure there were clean clothes for everyone (behind in laundry as usual) but found ok things for the kids to wear. Would it really kill them it they wear shorts when it's jacket weather? We made plans to go over to church and use the showers over there. So we should be all set.

It was decided that the girls and I would run over to the church grounds early enough so Michelle could shower too. Then we'd head to church a bit early so the boys could shower and I could throw the little ones into the utility tubs over there. Everyone that needed to get up did and we headed out the door with time to spare. Problem was...the van was dead as a doornail!!! The headlights had been left on since yesterday afternoon. So the 6 of us squeeze into the car and get our showers. We got home with plenty of time to jump start the van. Or so we thought. Problem is the van was SO dead that it took forever! The van hadn't started and it got to be past the time that Michelle needed to leave for work so Tom had to give up on getting the van going and leave. Unfortunately that meant that we wouldn't make it to church...AGAIN! *heavy sigh*

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noelle said...

what a bummer! at least you got a shower though!