Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I really should....

* Check my hotmail account more often! I missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime. No not all the lotteries I won. No not the hidden money of someone dying of cancer who wants to give it away to a total stranger...ME! (how do I get so lucky?) The opportunity to be a MOVIE STAR! To have my own ongoing docu series. Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor. Even IF I wanted to do it and could get Tom and ALL the kids to agree to it. WHAT would the show be about? I keep thinking of Seinfeld's tv show about nothing they were pushing . I can see it now...
- Mom on the computer, ignoring the mess behind her
- Kids running amuck
- Mom driving in car
- Mom home and running like a chicken with her head cut off
- Mom driving in car
- Mom home, throwing dinner on the table
- Mom driving in car
- Mom yelling at kids to go to bed
- Mom sitting at the computer, ignoring bigger mess behind her

Ok, so not all my days are like this but it feels like it lately. I REALLY need the girls to get a car they can learn to drive on. Well, Liz and Val having their permits might help too. lol Michelle doesn't want to learn to drive a stick shift and she definitely doesn't want to learn on a 4mo car! My thinking now is if I can get the 3 girls to get their license and then their own cars...I can downgrade from a fullsize van to a minivan. :o) But I'm not holding my breath.

Well I never finished/published this post. Wouldn't you know I now have some fodder for the show. On Friday night I took Carrie and Liz over to church then headed to Michelle's work so I could pick her up. We get home and I jump into the TOK chat. The phone rings at 12:30am, it's Liz...Can you pick us up at 1? Instead of saying what I wanted to...No, I'm coming to get you now. I answer...OK...then I hang up, jump back into chat, talk to Michelle, yell at Jake to get to bed because it's 1:24 and he has to get up early in the morning! Chat a bit more, fall asleep in my computer chair until I hear Sean crying. Then I jump into bed with Sean and fall soundly to sleep.

What you say? I forgot to mention picking up the girls at 1. Did I? Really? Yeah I did and totally forgot it until the phone rang a little after 7am. The ringing phone jumpstarted my memory and I realized what I'd done (or more like NOT done) the night before. With tears in my eyes I answered the phone (I just knew it was them) with a quick...I'm SO SORRY! I'm on my way right now! Be there in a minute!

Liz forgot her phone and couldn't call me after she realized I wasn't coming. Luckily the meeting hall was unlocked and they could go into the mother's room and doze in the recliners. They were exhausted though and had a looong day/weekend ahead of them. I felt guilty for most of the weekend but luckily they weren't here to play off of it too much. It might've snagged them a new pair of shoes a few days later though. lol

Yeah the worst mom of the year award line starts here.

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dani c said...

Ok, so I saw your name peeking from the corner of my eye on that blog catalog thingy that I have on my site. I have to say that the number 12 caught my attention and I had to investigate. All I have to say is " You go girl". It must be amazing at your house. I know how cool it is with my 6. Big families Rock...
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