Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just so you know

I'm still around. There's some things going on here that I can't really talk about so I've opted to not blog at all. We're fine and nothing major is wrong, it's just a private matter. Hopefully things will be resolved within the next week and I'll feel free to post whatever I want.

In the meantime other news around here...

Drew starts a new job on Monday. It's not the best one in the world but it's better then the one he didn't have yesterday. lol Now he needs his car fixed. He has the parts, just needs the repair person to do the work, hopefully this weekend.

Pat started a new job yesterday. It's a warehouse job which isn't so great when you're afflicted with a bad back/sciatica pain but he's plugging along. He also registered for classes for the January session at a nearby community college. It's nice to see he's getting some direction in his life.

Michelle turns 21 on Thursday. She's still working at her job as a cashier. There's talk of training her to be on the front desk soon.

Tom's union just settled their contract for the next 5 yrs. So there's a few raises in his future. He should also get a retroactive check for the raise he should've received in January (been working without a contract since then). It's already gone as usual...this time for heating oil.

This Thursday we went to our 19th straight elementary school (K thru 4th) open house. While getting ready I realized we have 8 more of them to go to. lol 27yrs of elementary school is INSANE! It's also one of the harder aspects of being a mom to all these kids. To keep the enthusiasm alive. To not adopt a ho hum...btdt attitude. It'd be SO easy to do. Afterall, how many times should one person have to guess which self portrait is drawn by your child. I guess it's hard for the teachers too. One teacher seemed to blow us off a bit quicker then the other parents. Kind of know the drill type of attitude. Oh well it made me appreciate the visit to teachers who get a kick out of seeing how big the babies have gotten and to catch up with old students.

After we were done in the classrooms we hit the new playground even though it was dark. (added an element of fun to it) Everyone had a blast with Tom being one of the biggest kids. Sean LOVES the slides and Danielle was swinging on her belly almost the whole time. We finished off the evening with a late dinner of sandwiches, a practice spelling test and a few wound up kids not wanting to go to bed.

Sean's sleeping habits are leaving much to be desired. He's so restless! It's a good thing I don't need a lot of sleep. He's not looking to nurse as much during the night as before which is good, but he's constantly moving. It doesn't help that he's been waking up really 4 or 5am. I'm usually awake by then but I'm also selfish. I want a FEW minutes of alone time. So I nurse him and try to get him back to sleep so I can attempt to sneak out alone. Instead what happens is that he thrashes around for almost an hour, touches Tom (which Tom does NOT like) and I get frustrated. Then we end up creeping into a dark living room and have some fun until one of the sleepyheads decides to join us. I'm not really sure if moving into his own bed or room would help. He seems to seek someone to touch while he's sleeping. I guess I should just adjust my attitude and embrace our one on one time while I have it. He's not going to be this little and adorable for ever.

Today looks to be a chilly rainy grey day...perfect working inside the house weather. This house really needs some attention. I'd even like to start painting but it won't be happening soon. I'm limited as to what I can do around here today as we seem to be out of propane! UGH!

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